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“I thought ducks LIKED water?”

Duck in the Water is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the television series.


It is a wet winter's day on Sodor as Duck and James meet at Knapford. James makes a remark about Duck being stuck with trucks. Duck is quick to remind James that he is a mixed-traffic engine which means he sometimes has to pull trucks, too. And, with that, Duck and James set off into the rain.

Meanwhile, Harold is flying over Sodor when he spots a flooded track. He zooms away to inform the Fat Controller. Suddenly, Duck comes trundling along the line and ploughs straight into the flood.

Back at Knapford Station, the Fat Controller tells James that Duck is stuck in a flood and orders him to rescue the Great Western engine at once. James is not at all happy as he sets off to find Rocky.

James soon comes across Rocky and James tells him that the sooner they rescue Duck, the sooner he can get back to doing a proper job. James is in such a hurry that he puffs away before Rocky's crane arm can be secured. Rocky tells James that he is going to cause an accident, but James does not listen. Soon, James approaches a signal warning him to slow down, but he doesn't and Rocky's crane arm knocks it over.

James and Rocky soon reach Duck and the rescue begins. Suddenly, Oliver comes racing along the line and collides with James who is most annoyed. Oliver had not seen the warning signal as James had caused it to be knocked down. Then, Percy comes along and runs right into them all, too.

Later, as Duck is finally lifted back onto the rails, the Fat Controller arrives. James explains that the accident had all been his fault. The Fat Controller praises James for admitting his mistakes. By way of apology, James agrees to pull Duck's trucks for the rest of the day without complaining.





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