“You got stuck because you rock and roll when you go along!"
"I expect having a big, long funnel like that does not help!"
"Sir Topham Hatt scolded you!
"Poor Duncan had to be rescued!”
―The other engines teasing Duncan

Duncan Gets Upset is a magazine story.


The little engines like to tease each other about many things, such as Peter Sam's funnel and Sir Handel's wheels. When the time Duncan got stuck in a tunnel is brought up, the little engine loses it. Duncan decides to get back at them by blocking a junction to the sheds. When Rusty arrives, he asks Duncan what happened and Duncan explains. Rusty tells him that the others tease him because they all like him. Duncan realises his mistake and heads off to work. Duke praises Rusty's actions and the other engines learn to limit their teasing on Duncan.





  • The text mentions Peter Sam's special funnel, but he is illustrated with his old one.
  • In the first illustration, Rheneas is painted brown.
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