“I told you so!”

Duncan Has a Spill is a magazine story.


Duncan means well but often rides roughly. Duke warns Duncan that he may come off the rails if he carries on. Peter Sam and Sir Handel then try telling Duncan the story of Smudger who kept coming off the rails and was turned into a generator. Duncan ignores the advice and one day the points rod that connects the signalbox to the points outside the engine shed breaks. Duncan is not paying attention and he comes right off the rails.





  • In the second illustration, Peter Sam has Duke's livery, He also has his old funnel.
  • The engines' wheels are coloured white.
  • In one illustration, Duncan's splasher is coloured yellow and the signalbox sign is blank.
  • Smudger is illustrated to resemble his Railway Series counterpart Stanley more, as he's portrayed as a Baldwin Class 10-12-D, Also, his firebox is red, when really it should be black.


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