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“Bouncing bogies! It's got me!”
―Duncan getting pulled up the incline with the empty slate trucks

Dunkin Duncan is the twenty-fourth episode of the sixth series.


Rusty, Rheneas, and Skarloey are sent to the incline railway to help Duncan with an important job. Duncan has a bad habit of being so impatient to get back to the junction that this often gets him in trouble with many accidents. Rusty hopes that Duncan will stay out of trouble, but Duncan is already impatient and behaves rudely towards the others. Skarloey and Rheneas do not like Duncan telling them what to do.

Duncan wants everyone to work faster, but Rusty and Rheneas tell him that they are proper engines and that they follow the rules. Duncan still tells them to work faster, so he shows the others how fast a useful engine can work by biffing one slate truck after another. Rusty warns Duncan that slate trucks will pay him back for being biffed. The engines see that Duncan will not listen, so they leave the incline with their trucks of slate.

Duncan pushes the trucks around and, while shunting some empties at the incline, gets his coupling tangled with a truck. The winch hauls the trucks and Duncan up the slope. Rusty arrives in time to see everything and is not pleased to see it, but his driver reassures him that engines like Duncan never listen to advice. Duncan is too heavy for the winch and a coupling breaks, making Duncan run down the hill into a muddy swamp.

After Duncan is pulled out, the Fat Controller is furious at him for his irresponsibility and demands that he apologise to the other engines. Duncan does so, and as punishment, he will work at the incline once he is repaired until he learns to be patient and careful.




  • The title of this episode is possibly a reference to Dunkin Donuts, an American global doughnut company and coffeehouse.
  • CGI smoke is used after Duncan falls into the swamp.
  • From this episode until the twenty-second series episode, The Case of the Puzzling Parts, Skarloey no longer has a brass ring around the top of his funnel and his buffers are black.
  • Duncan shouting "HELP!" in both dubs is the same recording used as Diesel's voice in the sixth series episode, The World's Strongest Engine; making it the second time to reuse a recording for the character that was previously used from another character, the first being in the fifth series episode, Rusty and the Boulder (although only in the UK) where Skarloey and Rheneas' line "EYYOIIIKES!!!" was previously used for Toad in the fifth series episode, Busy Going Backwards.
  • This is the first time the Fat Controller says his catchphrase, "confusion and delay". However, there were five previous episodes, the fifth series episodes, Cranky Bugs and Oliver's Find, as well as the sixth series episodes, The World's Strongest Engine, Middle Engine and Gordon Takes a Tumble in which either the narrator, or a different character says it.
  • This was the very last episode where the steam engines are addressed as "steamers" before they started being called "steamies" from the eighth series onwards.
  • A deleted scene showing Skarloey and Rheneas crossing the viaduct in an opposite direction was later used for the seventh series episode, The Old Bridge.


  • The narrator says "Rusty, Rheneas and Skarloey chugged cheerfully through the Sodor countryside", but Rusty is a diesel and therefore cannot chug. In addition, Skarloey looks miserable and his eyes are wonky.
  • When Duncan falls into the swamp, one of the trucks splatters mud under his mouth, but seconds afterwards, the mud is all over his buffers and mouth.
  • A string can be seen moving off screen when the trucks fall in the mud.
  • When Duncan plummets down the incline, his wheels are moving, but before crashing through the buffers they are not. It is difficult to notice though, since it happens so quickly.
  • At the very end of the episode, Duncan's eyes are wonky.


Duncan: I'm a plain-speaking engine, so collect your trucks, and be quick about it!
Rheneas: Bossy boots!
Skarloey: Pushy puffer!
Rusty: He just wants to get back to the bustle of the junction.

Duncan: You're supposed to be helping me. But you're as slow as snails.
Rusty: We're proper engines. We follow the rules.
Rheneas: We can't send up more than four slate trucks at a time.
Duncan: Then work faster.

Duncan: I'll show you how fast a really useful engine can work.
[he shunts four of his slate trucks to the incline]
Duncan: Nothing to it!
Rusty: Those slate trucks will pay you back. Slate trucks don't like to be biffed.
Duncan: I can handle slate trucks.

Duncan: I'll show that smelly diesel and those lazy steamers.
Duncan's driver: Careful. You're asking for trouble.
[it is revealed that his coupling chain is tangled with the slate truck in front of him. Together, Duncan and his trucks are suddenly pulled up the incline]
Duncan: Bouncing bogies! It's got me!
Rusty: I tried to warn him.
Rusty's driver: He never listens.
[once at the top, a coupling snaps, causing Duncan and his slate trucks to plummet down the incline]
Duncan: HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPP!!! (dives into a very muddy swamp)

Duncan: [after the derailment] Glub-glub-glub! Bluggle by boiler!
[later, once rescued]
The Fat Controller: You have not been a responsible engine. Your impatience has caused confusion and delay and you owe these engines an apology.
Duncan: [to Rusty, Rheneas, and Skarloey] Sorry.
The Fat Controller: Once you have been repaired, you will work the incline until you learn to be patient and careful.
Duncan: Yes, sir.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 邓肯 邓肯
Czech Duncan se Koupe
Danish Dunder til Duncan
Dutch Ongedulding Duncan
Hungarian Duncan Türelmetlen
Italian La Locomotiva Frettolosa
Japanese どろんこダンカン
Korean 사고뭉치, 덩컨
Norwegian Duncan Dummer Seg Ut
Polish Niedobry Damian
Romanian Morocănoscul Duncan
Russian Нетерпеливый Данкан
Serbian Nestrpljivi Dankan
Slovak Neposlušný Duncan
Slovenian Nestrpni Francelj
Swedish Dunkande Duncan
Thai ดันแคนตกบ่อโคลน
Welsh Gwers i Duncan

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