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Lakeside Junction, formerly known as Quarry Siding, is a location on the Skarloey Railway, serving as the junction for the Lakeside Harbour Loop.


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Half a mile beyond Rheneas, the hills draw back slightly. For many years a pocket of shale here supplied the line with ballast. A siding and a spur were laid in. The ballast dug here was never really satisfactory, but it was cheap and readily available. It served well enough during "the lean years", but heavier traffic demanded better, so since 1954 ballast has been obtained from the North Western Railway. In 1963, as a preliminary to the building of the Lakeside Loop, the ledge was widened and now holds four tracks. A block post and ground frame was set up here too.

The Opening Ceremony of the Lakeside Loop took place here in June 1965, where the four tracks enabled the various trains containing V.I.P's to draw up side by side. The official name is now Lakeside Junction, but with railwaymen's traditional conservatism, the old name of Quarry Siding is the one commonly used.




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