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“It was an eggs-ellent effort! Happy Easter, everybody!”
―the Fat Controller[src]

Easter Egg Express is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


It is Easter morning and all of the engines are very excited; they have been promised an Easter party at Tidmouth. Henry has been given the special job of collecting Easter eggs from the Mainland for the party. All of the engines are rather jealous of Henry's important job. Henry couples up to Hector and puffs off to the Mainland.

When Henry and Hector see the eggs, they gasp. The eggs are giant and covered in shiny gold paper with a pink bow. Hector is not very happy; he will feel embarrassed carrying the eggs, but Henry tells him it is an enormous honour.

It is a very warm day and Henry begins to worry that the chocolate eggs will melt. He decides to speed up so he can get to the party quickly. Unfortunately, Henry soon comes to a shuddering halt as his boiler runs dry. Henry is very worried now, but he sees Thomas puffing towards him. Henry asks the little tank engine for help and Thomas is happy to. Thomas takes the eggs while Henry waits for more water.

Thomas clatters along at full speed, trying to deliver the eggs before they melt. Thomas is so excited about the Easter party, that he goes the wrong way. Thomas ends up heaving slowly up Gordon's Hill. Just then, Henry comes rumbling up behind Thomas, now with a boiler full of water. He is cross to see Thomas who should have been at Tidmouth by now. Thomas asks Henry to give him a push and the large engine agrees. Henry pushes Thomas, Hector and the huge Easter eggs with all his might and eventually they make it to Tidmouth just in time.

The party is a huge success. The Fat Controller gives everyone a piece of the giant Easter eggs and thanks Henry and Thomas for delivering the eggs before they melted. The Fat Controller then wishes everyone a happy Easter.



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