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“Shut up! You're all jealous. Edward's better than any of you."
"You're right Duck, Edward's old, but he'll surprise us all.”
Duck and BoCo to Henry, James and Gordon[src]

Edward is a blue mixed-traffic tender engine who works on the North Western Railway, and is number 2. He runs his own branch line with BoCo from Wellsworth to Brendam.


The Railway Series

Edward's Day Out

Edward was built by Sharp, Stewart and Company at their Atlas Works in Glasgow, Scotland in 1896. He worked on the Furness Railway's Cumbrian Coast Line before coming to Sodor on loan with other engines in 1915 to assist with the building of the North Western Railway. The Furness had found him to be a "shy steamer" and were not interested in getting him back when his work was completed. In 1921 [5], they sold him to the North Western Railway for a nominal sum, who have, by careful maintenance and extensive modifications, turned him into a reliable engine.

By 1923, Edward was confined to Vicarstown Sheds, to the delight of the other engines, who claimed that he was too old and weak to work. Edward was eventually let out again and proved that what he lacked in strength, he made up for in work by pushing a stubborn Gordon and his heavy goods train up Gordon's Hill.

When Thomas was fed up with fetching coaches for the big engines, Edward offered Thomas to take his trucks. However, Thomas, having no experience with trucks, was pushed down the hill and diverted into a siding. Later, Edward helped James double-head a passenger train when the splendid red engine was acting out.

For some time afterwards, Edward was getting so old that his parts caused him to clank as he went along, which led to the bigger engines teasing him about his age. Gordon and Henry teased him about when a group of cows caused half of his cattle trucks to break away and derail, but later got their comeuppance when they encountered a cow named Bluebell on a bridge. Later in 1952, Edward saved an old traction engine named Trevor from scrap when he encouraged the Vicar of Wellsworth to buy him.

However that same year, James would still talk down to Edward's age and how slow he is. But after he was left running down the Main Line without a driver thanks to two naughty boys who played with his controls, Edward proved himself to be a hero when he brought the inspector and James' fireman to slow him down. James could not thank Edward enough for his heroic actions and the Fat Controller sent Edward to the works to have his worn parts mended as a reward. When Edward came back, everyone was very pleased to see him again.

At some point, Edward received his own branch line and had two twin tank engines named Bill and Ben help take trucks from the Sodor China Clay Company to Brendam Docks along his line from 1948. When the twins were playing tricks on a new diesel named BoCo in 1965, Edward put a stop to it and showed BoCo how to handle them. Soon, Edward and Gordon were both talking about branch lines, most to the disapproval of Gordon. That night there was a mishap at Tidmouth, which in favour, Edward's train went first which sent him down the mainline (this was caused when the signalman at Wellsworth was not informed of the delay) and Gordon went down to Brendam. Some few evenings later, when Edward was taking a passenger train filled with enthusiasts home to Tidmouth, his crank-pin snapped, damaging his wheel splasher and running plate, forcing the driver and fireman to take them off. However, Edward was able to pull the heavy train back to Tidmouth, very late, but with triumph. BoCo looked after Edward's branch line while Edward was sent to the works again for repairs.

In 1988, while the Elsbridge river bridge was being repaired, Edward helped Thomas settle in on his branch line. Later, while taking china clay trucks to Wellsworth, the rear of his train derailed on a section of loose rail. Luckily, Trevor was nearby and was able to warn him about it.

In 1995, before the 50th anniversary of The Railway Series, Edward was hurrying along his branch line after being delayed by James. He loosened one of his bogie wheels on a set of points, which came off and landed in a field of cabbages. He was repaired in time for the Golden Jubilee and led Pip and Emma to Tidmouth as the royal train and was also held up at Knapford Junction after the points and signals failed.

In 2007, when an old coach named Victoria was being restored, Edward quickly recognised her from the Furness Railway and listened to her story about when she worked with a tank engine named Albert on his branch line, alongside another coach named Helena. Edward later took her to Knapford Junction for Thomas to take to Toby.

Later, in 2011, he was present for the celebration of the Thin Clergyman's centenary.

Thomas & Friends

When Trevor was to be the main star attraction for the Vicar's garden party, Edward wanted to help but did not know how. His chance came when the Vicar forgot to promote the party by putting up the posters, so he suggested having them put up on his cab and coaches as part of the party's advertisement. His plan worked and so many people came to the party that they raised a lot of money for the children. The Vicar later thanked Edward and his crew for their idea.

Edward has a penchant for telling spooky stories on Halloween that the other engines enjoy. In the fifth series episode Haunted Henry, Edward told Henry that whenever an owl hoots, mist rolls in and when the mist is about, there is a ghost about too. In the sixth series episode Scaredy Engines, he told them a story of a ghost engine that returns to the smelters in search of his lost whistle every Halloween.

In addition to running his branch line, Edward often acts as a banker for other engines up Gordon's Hill to help them when their trains are too heavy. In spite of Edward's great history with the railway and his good relationship with the other engines, his old age makes some engines think that he is unreliable. Gordon would sometimes still tease and talk down about him, even going as far as suggesting that he should "retire". When Percy told his driver about this, who told Sir Topham Hatt, he arranged for Edward to show Stepney how to run the loop line, while Duck did his work. Unfortunately, Duck got stuck on Gordon's Hill when the Troublesome Trucks held him back. When Gordon came behind him, he could not push Duck up the hill. Edward was sent to help the double train up and when they arrived at Knapford Station, the Fat Controller rebuked Gordon for his horrible comments about Edward. Gordon apologised to Edward the following day and from then on, he never suggested him "retiring".

Since then, Edward's skill as a banker is always valued among Gordon and the others, as seen in Edward the Great and You Can Do it, Toby!; in Chickens to School, Edward exclaimed, "I'm always helping Gordon up the hill!" However, his speed left a lot to be desired. In As Good as Gordon, Emily had to wait for Edward at the crossing. Impatient, Emily snidely told him to hurry up, calling him "Slowcoach". When Spencer visited the Island of Sodor and beat Gordon's record, he insulted the Sudrian engines, who became fed up with Spencer's boastfulness. They wanted to race Spencer to The Duke and Duchess of Boxford's Summer House, but the Fat Controller chose Edward to go there instead. Gordon thought that Edward should not do an express engine's job and James thought that Edward would let the whole railway down. Regardless, Edward tried his best and had several moments of triumph during the race. Gordon saw how hard Edward was trying and took back his earlier words, encouraging Edward instead and called him "a credit to the railway!" Edward eventually won due to Spencer falling asleep and felt like the pride of the Sodor railway—and he was right.

Edward has always been a kind and wise engine, though, in some scenarios, he has acted a bit judgemental to newcomers. For example, when Harvey first arrived, he claimed he "doesn't even look like an engine". He was also one of the engines to spread rumours that Neville wanted to bump the steam engines and agreed with Gordon's element of doubt about Rocky, who Edward called "new-fangled nonsense". This was apparently because Edward has worked on Sodor the longest and because he had known all of its inhabitants for that long, he was wary of meeting anyone new. However, he later learned of Harvey and Rocky's usefulness by their episode's ends.

When Percy was in need of repair, the engines nominated Edward to take the mail in his place. But in truth, Edward did not know what to do. In order not to embarrass himself, he did not ask Percy for advice. This resulted in him delivering the mail to all the wrong places which got him into a muddle and crash into some barriers.

Edward has also acted excitable and even vain on some occasions. Once, he was given the task of taking the new brass water wheel to Great Waterton. He ignored the Fat Controller's advice to take the express track, instead taking all the bumpy tracks to show off to other engines, which almost resulted in the water wheel being scrapped. Some time later, he wanted to help Thomas to chase after the Fat Controller's grandchildren's kite. Since then, Edward has tried to regain his usual self. Unfortunately, this one day made Charlie think he was too old to have fun. Edward was upset about this so he tried to be as fun as Charlie, but this only caused even more trouble. Since then, he has just stuck to being the wise and kind engine that he was of old.

In the fifteenth series, Edward was sent to work with Harold for the day, being given the chance to be a hero. After observing Gordon and Rocky in action, Edward resolved to fulfil his hero role by being "strong and fast and stern". On his way to the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre, Edward found a miserable Charlie and cheered him up by telling him a joke, collected Dowager Hatt's suitcase when it was sent to the wrong station and rescued a lost Katie the sheepdog. Edward was still determined to be what he thought a hero but found that his time spent helping others had made him late for Harold, who was not at the Rescue Centre when Edward chuffed in. The Fat Controller reassured Edward that being kind, funny and gentle was Edward being himself, enough to be a hero and everyone cheered for him. Harold arrived looking for Edward, who just smiled.

Gordon still proved to be ungrateful for Edward's help, not even saying so much as a "thank you" for his efforts. When Edward complained about this, Thomas came up with a plan; he challenged Gordon to a race across the island, to which Gordon gave him a ten-minute head start to give him more of a chance. However, Thomas pulled onto the same track as Gordon, forcing the bigger engine to go slowly. At Gordon's Hill, they were going so slowly that Gordon became stuck, forcing Gordon to swallow his pride and beg Edward to help him. Edward forgave Gordon and gave him a push and this time, Gordon gave his thanks as he descended down the other side.

In Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, he told Thomas (who was being mended at the Steamworks) that Rocky had discovered a pirate ship in the cavern in which Thomas had fallen into earlier (despite Thomas discovering it first). Later, while working at the Docks, Salty told him, Henry, James, Porter and Cranky about a "lost pirate".

When Thomas felt that Max and Monty's recklessness was going too far, Edward told Thomas to ignore them. He laughed at Thomas, Percy and Toby for being scared of a cow which they thought was a troll and he was also scared of going out in the night when the engines thought a glowing Henry was a ghost. Edward was among the engines who were afraid Hugo was the start of steam engines being replaced.

Edward was one of the many engines who wanted to go to the Great Railway Show but was not chosen.

When the Fat Controller replaced his public address system at Knapford, Edward picked it up and took it to Crocks Scrap Yard. However, the new P.A. system proved more trouble than it was worth. Luckily, Reg had not scrapped the old system and Edward brought it back to Knapford, much to the Fat Controller's relief. Sometime later, after James crashed through Tidmouth Sheds, Edward was sent to Philip's shed until his berth was repaired. However, Philip proved too chatty for Edward to get a good night's sleep, so he tried looking for somewhere else to rest. However, nowhere proved suitable and Edward became so tired he fell asleep, which made him nearly collide with Percy. Luckily, Philip managed to wake Edward up in time and Edward told the truth about why he left Philip's shed. Philip promised to be quieter and proved to be such a good company that Edward decided to stay with him even after Tidmouth was repaired.

Edward is well-known for being able to keep Bill and Ben in order, but sometimes the twins have still proven to be troublesome; once, they invented a game called "Hunt the Truck" and played it on Nia. Bill and Ben were annoyed when Edward made them give the truck back and decided to have some more fun, hiding Edward's truck from him. However, Edward knew all their hiding places and was quick to find where it had gone. He then pretended to be worried that the truck going missing would ruin Sir Robert Norramby's Christmas party, prompting the twins to feel guilty and search for it across the island, not realising of course that Edward had the truck all along until they went to the party to apologise.

Later, when Edward was pulling a scrap trucks, Emily helped Edward to the Wellsworth Scrap Yard for the sake of helping her best friend, leaving her sand trucks in the siding at Brendam Docks.


Edward is very kind-hearted, mature, wise and keen to help a friend in need. The small engines trust him to lend a listening ear and sympathetic advice. He is a hard worker too and always does his best to finish a job. Edward has also been the voice of reason to misguided engines. If ever an engine misbehaves or acts out, it is Edward that the Fat Controller turns to in order to soothe things out. As he runs a branch line, Edward knows the responsibilities it takes to be successful doing so, including shunting. This sometimes puts him at odds with Gordon, James and Henry, who firmly believed that tender engines are too important for menial jobs such as shunting. Because of this, Edward found himself treated harshly for his shunting duties until Sir Topham Hatt shut the big engines up in their sheds.

Unfortunately, the big engines, especially Gordon, often see Edward as old-fashioned and slow. While it is true he is one of the oldest engines on the North Western Railway (which he helped build), he has proved time and time again that he is more than capable of working as hard as any engine. He and BoCo have been the only engines who can look after Bill and Ben and know how to put them in their place should they misbehave. Like any otherwise old engine, he stands for no nonsense from anyone, especially from the bigger engines.

From the sixth to eleventh series, Edward became pathetic and full of self-doubt, he occasionally suffered insecurity within himself, such as keeping secrets from the other engines and Sir Topham Hatt, when he was once leaking steam and likewise when he was told to pull the post train whilst Percy was being repaired. He also had an occasional habit of being rude and cheeky, such as disbelieving Rocky when he thought he did not need help with his goods train, blamed Diesel, Arry and Bert for ruining their sheds when Tidmouth Sheds were being rebuilt, being unwelcome to Harvey when he was new to the railway and spreading rumours about Neville. Edward usually got harassed by Gordon and James such as when Gordon said he was a waste of steam and when James got annoyed with him going slow, however, both engines later learn that Edward still has a heart and is still a useful engine. This makes the engines regret their actions towards the blue engine. Edward, overall keeps his best wheel forward forever and always no matter the circumstance.

Even with all his years of patience, Edward can grow impatient with engines who cause trouble, especially Bill and Ben. He can be very canny in dealing with these engines when he has to be, as he managed to pull off an elaborate scheme to give Bill and Ben a taste of their own medicine.

Technical Details


The Rev. W. Awdry himself stated that Edward is based on a heavily modified Sharp, Stewart and Company "Larger Seagull" K2 class, supplied to the Furness Railway in 1896.

The Rev. W. Awdry's original model of Edward for his OO model railway was created using an LMS Class 2P.

Visible Crovan's Gate modifications are: making the rear splashers flush with the cab, removal of the coupling rod splashers, new cab windows as opposed to cutaways in his cab side sheets and square cab lookouts as opposed to the original round ones. A higher pitched boiler and extended smokebox. Edward also has a Fowler tender.

The international orange and brown tender engines are also based on a heavily modified Sharp, Stewart and Company "Larger Seagull" K2 Class and have the same modifications as Edward.


Edward is painted in NWR bright blue with red and yellow lining. His number 2 is painted on the sides of his tender in yellow with red lining and the lining around his cab windows is yellow.

In William Middleton's illustrations, Edward had only one boiler band down the middle, and it along with his dome was gold. His roof was blue, his wheels and running board were black, and his buffers were white.

It can be assumed that, before arriving on Sodor, Edward was originally painted in Furness Railway Indian red with vermillion and black lining and wheels. His company's initials, "F R", would have also been painted in yellow with blue countershading on the sides of his tender.


The Railway Series

Companion Volumes

Thomas & Friends


He is likely to appear in the upcoming Marc Forster film and was likely to appear in The Adventures of Thomas (planned film).

Music Videos

Learning Segments



Magazine Stories

Edward also appeared in the magazine stories, A Perfect Garden, Bill and BoCo, Chiff Chaff, Diesel Causes Delay, Diesel Display, Edward's Scarecrow, Flying James, Gordon and Edward, James and Edward, Lamp Light!, Percy's Stories, Railway Open Day, Really Useful Edward, Road Train, Slick Trick!, Taking Toby, The Big Ship and Old Reliable Edward

Annual Stories

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Official Description

From Official Website:[1]

Edward the Blue Engine No.2: Edward is an older engine, but the most important thing about him is that he's kind: kind to small engines who get into difficulties; kind to big engines even when they're rude or impatient; kind to trucks and coaches which he almost never bumps. When the other engines misbehave it's Edward that Sir Topham Hatt turns to, to calm every-one down and restore order. Edward sometimes gets puffed, but never very cross.

Historical Note: Edward is based on an ordinary 4-4-0 locomotive. The origin of the design is uncertain.

From Official Website:[2]

Edward: Edward is one of the older engines in Sir Topham Hatt's railway. The most important thing about Edward is that he's good-willed and kind. When the other engines misbehave, it's Edward that Sir Topham Hatt turns to in order to calm everyone down and restore order.

Fun Fact: Edward did not have a number on his side in the first original stories. It was only after Book 6 in the Railway Series that Edward received his #2, which he is now known for.

From Official Website:[3]

Edward: Edward is the No. 2 blue engine who is a good friend to everyone. He is one of the older and wiser engines on Sir Topham Hatt's railway.

Fun Fact: Edward did not have a number on his side in the first original stories. It was only after Book 6 in the Railway Series that Edward received his #2. Edward is based on a 4-4-0 locomotive.

Audio Files


First used Last used Composers Theme
Series 2 Mike O'Donnell
Junior Campbell
Series 8 Series 12 Robert Hartshorne


First used Last used Sound Effect
Series 1 Thomas & Friends: Adventures!

In the fourth and fifth series and Thomas The Tank Engine (Kids Station Game), Edward has his whistle at two steps lower-pitched. This would later be reused for Emily, but only from Calling All Engines! to Series 12.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Series 4 Thomas the Tank Engine (Kids Station Game)
First used Last used Sound Effect
Hero of the Rails Series 24

In The Great Festival Adventure, Edward is incorrectly portrayed with Gordon's whistle.

First used Last used Sound Effect
The Great Festival Adventure

In Trouble in the Shed, one scene in Saved from Scrap (Carlin Only), the beginning of Better Late Than Never, the Sing Along mode of the game Engines Working Together, the beginning of Duck and the Slip Coaches and a page of James the Red Engine, a page of Little Engines Easy Reading: Henry the Green Engine and the intro of Little Engines Easy Reading: Edward the Blue Engine in the mobile app, Read and Play!, Edward is incorrectly portrayed with Thomas' whistle.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Trouble in the Shed Little Engines Easy Reading: Edward the Blue Engine (Read and Play!)

In the Trouble on the Tracks PC game, Edward is incorrectly portrayed with Oliver's whistle.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Trouble on the Tracks

At Tidmouth Sheds at Drayton Manor Theme Park since 2014, Edward is incorrectly portrayed with Henry's whistle.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Drayton Manor Theme Park

In the Leapfrog books, Edward is incorrectly portrayed with a different whistle.

First used Last used Sound Effect

In Building the New Line, Edward incorrectly has Henry's whistle at a step higher pitched.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Building the New Line



  • Edward was the very first character created for the Railway Series, in 1942.
  • Edward is one of few characters to appear in every series of the television series and one of even fewer characters to have a speaking role in each one.
  • According to Ian McCue, Edward leaving Tidmouth Sheds in A Shed for Edward was planned prior to the development of Big World! Big Adventures! and Rebecca (under her original name Miranda) would have taken his place in the sheds.
  • Edward is the only engine whose crew has been named in the Railway Series. In the foreword of "Edward the Blue Engine" their names were given as Charlie Sand (driver) and Sidney Heaver (fireman). Their surnames came from their duties (one of the driver's jobs is to sand the rails when they are slippery to let the engine's wheels grip, while the fireman "heaves" coal to the firebox); their first names came from an engine crew from the Wisbech and Upwell Tramway.
  • One of Edward's television series models is on display at the Hara Model Railway Museum in Japan and is currently wearing his alternate regular happy or smiling face mask (previously on display at Nitrogen Studios in Canada). Another was on display at Drayton Manor, but it was removed in early 2020. Both are the brass models of him made during the tenth series. His neutral face was on his television series brass model when he first arrived in 2009 and was put on display at the Discover Thomas & Friends Exhibition, but it was replaced by a replica face.
  • Edward's original plastic model, along with his smiling, tired, cross and shocked faces are owned and preserved by Twitter user ThomasTankMerch.
  • In "Steady Eddie", "Charlie and Eddie" and "Edward the Hero", Edward refers to himself as Eddie. Charlie also refers to him by this name. Eddie also happens to be Edward's real name in the Greek and early Hebrew versions and in Italy from the fifteenth series onwards.
  • In the French dub, Edward is called Edouard in the first to seventh series.
  • On early Spanish translations of the Random House books, Edward was known as Eduardo.
  • Edward is Michael White's favourite character.
  • Edward, along with Henry and Toby, are the first characters to be removed from the Steam Team, beginning with the twenty-second series.
  • Edward's 2014 TrackMaster toy, his redesigned Motor Road and Rail toy, and the story Edward Cracks a Nut incorrectly depicts him with a 2-6-0 wheel configuration, instead of a 4-4-0.
  • Edward's normal whistle sound was reused for Percy's Ghost Engine.
  • His normal whistle sound was also reused for a few different engines:
    • Oliver had Edward's whistle sound, but only in the third series episode, "Bulgy".
    • Thomas had Edward's whistle sound in some episodes and some scenes of the fourth and fifth series. He also had it in one scene in the eighteenth series episode, "Old Reliable Edward".
    • Gordon had Edward's whistle sound in the seventh series episode, Edward's Brass Band, the eleventh series episode, Toby's Triumph, an intermission segment from the eighth series, one scene in The Whistle Song, the game Decorate Tidmouth Sheds and Follow the Whistle on The Great Discovery UK DVD.
    • Arthur had Edward's whistle sound in the interactive segment, "Arthur's Tricky Travels" until the twelfth series.
    • Henry had Edward's whistle sound at Tidmouth Sheds at Drayton Manor Theme Park since 2014 and in one page in The Fat Controller Story Library Book in the mobile app, Read and Play! However, his normal whistle sound can be heard when Sir Topham Hatt and Every Cloud has a Silver Lining play.
    • James had Edward's whistle sound in one scene in James the Red Engine in the mobile app, Read and Play!
    • Victor had Edward's whistle sound in Blue Mountain Mystery in the mobile app, Read and Play!
    • Percy had Edward's whistle sound in one page in The Fat Controller in the mobile app, Read and Play!
    • Edward's whistle sound from the fourth to the fifth series and the Kids Station game was reused for Emily in Calling All Engines! until the twelfth series.
  • It is possible that Edward's theme from the eighth to twelfth series is a musical variation of "Flower" by Moby.
  • In Drayton Manor Theme Park from 2008-2014, Edward had his normal whistle sound, but in 2014, after Edward and Henry swapped their shed berths, the former incorrectly had the latter's whistle sound, whilst Henry incorrectly had Edward's whistle sound.
  • During the Model Series era, Edward had a total of fourteen facial expressions, all of which were used on-screen. However, he was the only engine of the original seven created by Awdry not to gain a peaceful sleeping face. Instead, he was given a wincing face, designating Edward with sleeping troubles.


“Hello, I'm Edward. The number two blue engine. I am the steadiest engine on Sodor.”
―Edward's website audio
“Edward the steady, is at the ready!”
―Steady Eddie
“I will do it, I will do it!”
―Edward and Gordon in The Adventure Begins
“Oh, dear. But I must say, you don't seem very reliable, always getting stuck on your own hill.”
―Old Reliable Edward
“Why is Gordon so ungrateful? He doesn't even say 'thank you' when I give him a push! He only says how old and unreliable I am!”
―Edward to Thomas, Old Reliable Edward



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