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Edward, Gordon and Henry and Gordon Off the Rails is the sixth Ladybird book, based on the episodes Edward, Gordon and Henry and Off the Rails. It is illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Henry has now been shut up in his tunnel for several days, and longs to be let out again. Gordon leaves from the Big Station with the Express, and is seeing just how fast he can go. He is just about to fly past Henry's Tunnel and 'poop, poop' at Henry when there is a crack, and Gordon stops outside the tunnel in a huge cloud of steam. Gordon has burst his safety valve. Edward is sent to pull the Express, but cannot pull it himself. So Henry is taken out of the tunnel and is put at the front of the train to push whilst Edward pulls. They get the Express to the big Station at the end of the line, and Henry is given a new coat of paint. He does not mind rain now. A while later, Gordon is resting in a siding when a rebuilt Henry and Percy puff past, teasing him about his accidents. Then Henry leaves with the Express after Gordon badgers him about his incident with the Flying Kipper, and Gordon settles down to sleep. But he is woken up to pull a special of trucks. His fire is slow to start, so Edward pushes him to the turntable. To jam the table, Gordon moves forward by himself... but can't stop, and slithers into a ditch. Edward takes the special, and Gordon has to wait until the night, when sleepers are laid under him, and Henry and James pull him out of the mud. Gordon is much more sensible now.



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