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“I don't need your help!”
―Edward to Rocky

Edward Strikes Out is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


A new crane has arrived on Sodor. Thomas thinks the new crane looks very strong, but Gordon remarks that the crane does not have an engine. After hearing this, Edward does not think the new crane can be really useful. Edward's trucks are near the new crane. The new crane, who is called Rocky, introduces himself to Edward and offers to help him with his heavy load of pipes. Edward sniffs and tells Rocky that he does not need his help. Edward puffs off quickly before the pipes are properly secured. Edward steams along fast and has to screech to a halt at a red signal. All of the pipes spill onto the track.

Then, Gordon comes steaming along, collides with the pipes, and derails. Edward knows that Harvey cannot lift Gordon. He also knows that he will have to ask for Rocky's help. Edward soon arrives back at the scene of the mess with Rocky, who soon lifts Gordon back onto the rails. Gordon is very surprised. Then Rocky lifts all of the pipes off the rails. Thomas, Gordon, and Edward are all very impressed by Rocky and they all agree that he is a really useful crane.





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