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“I will do it!”

Edward and Gordon is a magazine story.


Edward feels sad that the big engines boast that the driver will only want strong engines like them, however the driver feels sorry for the little blue engine and asks him for a day out, which makes Edward feel happier to be out again. He works hard all day pulling the coaches, who think he is very kind, and his driver is very pleased with Edward. That night, he tells the other engines that he is going out again the next day before he fell fast asleep after a hard day's work.

The following day, Gordon is still boasting to Edward in the shed as he sets off to do his next job. Later Edward goes off to shunt trucks into place; meanwhile Gordon feels crosser as he pulls a lot of dirty trucks instead of shining coaches - much to his dismay. Soon there is trouble - Gordon is stuck halfway up his hill and still feeling crosser than ever. Edward and his crew come to Gordon's aid by pushing the train up the hill, although Gordon realises that he has found himself at the top, races downward and does not wait to say thank you to little Edward, who is left behind and out of breath. He runs on slowly to the next station, where his crew are very pleased with him for his efforts, and his driver rewards him with a beautiful coat of blue paint with red stripes.





  • In the first and eleventh illustrations, Gordon's driving wheels are not coloured in.
  • The porter's trolley is not coloured in the seventh illustration.
  • Gordon's Hill is far too steep.
  • Henry is in his new shape.
  • In one illustration, Edward's wheels are not coloured in.
  • In one illustration, a truck's wheel is blue.
  • In the first illustration, James's wheels are red.


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