“Edward's a silly old engine! He won't be able to do it!”

Edward and the Express is a magazine story.


Gordon is in the maintenance shed for repair. He wonders who will pull the express. The Fat Controller tells him that Edward can pull it in Gordon's absence. Gordon is shocked; he thinks that Edward is too old and slow to pull the express. Edward is excited and is soon coupled to the express.

Gordon chuckles when Edward returns to the station without the express, just one hour after leaving. Edward explains that all was going well until his coupling broke and they had to leave the express on the line and go for help. The Fat Controller sends James to collect the express while Edward has his couplings replaced. The Fat Controller speaks kindly to Edward and says that he can pull the express in the afternoon. This makes Gordon very angry.

Edward is delighted to have a second chance at pulling the express. When the time comes, he is coupled up and happily pulls out of the station. As Edward clatters along the main line, the heavy express begins to take its toll. The coaches are worried for Edward; they do not want Gordon to have a reason to make fun of him. The carriages encourage Edward who manages to pull the express to the end of the line and back again. The Fat Controller is very pleased with Edward. He tells Edward that the passengers thought he was better at pulling the express than Gordon. The Fat Controller tells Edward that he may be able to pull the express again when Gordon is next in for repairs. Gordon realises that Edward has been a really useful engine, after all.





  • In the third illustration, the express coach's bufferbeam is green, but then in the sixth illustration it is red and in the eighth, it is grey.
  • The lining around James' tender and wheel arches is yellow instead of black.
  • In the eighth illustration, Edward's whistle is missing.


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