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“You're the pride of Sodor Railway!”
―the Fat Controller to Edward

Edward the Great is a magazine story, iit was llustrated by using photographs from the television series.


Spencer is taking the Duke and Duchess of Boxford to their new summerhouse. Another engine is needed to take their furniture. The engines of Sodor see this as an opportunity to race snooty Spencer. When the Fat Controller chooses Edward, Spencer thinks he has won the race already as he whooshes past old Edward.

While Spencer is waiting at a station, Edward comes into view. Spencer cannot help but tease Edward, but the stationmaster has heard about the race and cheers Edward on. When Edward hears the cheers, he puffs just a little bit faster, but soon, speedy Spencer roars past him again.

Near to the summerhouse, the Duke wants to take some photographs. Spencer thinks he is so fast that a small break won't matter and he soon falls fast asleep. Meanwhile, Edward is struggling. Gordon sees this and calls Edward a credit to Sodor. Edward is so pleased that he manages to find some extra puff.

When the Duke has finished taking his photographs, Spencer's driver says it is time to go. Spencer is so busy dreaming about victory that he does not hear his driver. Nor does he hear Edward passing him. When Spencer finally opens his eyes, he can see Edward pull up at the summerhouse. The Fat Controller tells the weary old engine that he is the pride of the railway.





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