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This article is about 'the DVD'. You may be looking for 'the episode, the magazine story, the book, the Thai DVD or the Malaysian DVD'.

Edward the Hero is a Chinese DVD featuring five episodes from the fifteenth series.


Edward is given the special job of being the Sodor Search and Rescue Engine. Edward decides that he needs to become a hero and thinks that heroes are strong, fast and stern so decides he must be strong, fast, and stern too. He goes on his mission to become a hero. He helps Charley by being funny, he helps Dowager Hatt by being kind, and helps Farmer McColl's dog by being gentle. Edward though doesn't think he's a hero because he hasn't shown he is fast, strong and stern. When Edward arrives to work with Harold, he leaves thinking that he will never help Harold and be a true hero. As Edward chuffs along the tracks, he sees people cheering and waving to him and calling him a hero. Word has spread that Edward has been kind, funny and gentle. The Fat Controller tells Edward that he is the biggest hero of all because he is Edward.


  1. Gordon and Ferdinand
  2. Toby and Bash
  3. Emily and Dash
  4. Percy's New Friends
  5. Edward the Hero


  • On the back cover, Charlie's name is misspelled as "Charley".