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“What a hero!”
―Edward referring to Harold

Edward the Hero is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the CGI television series.


Edward watches Harold come in to land after he had rescued a sheep. Edward thinks the helicopter is a hero. Later, the Fat Controller tells Edward that he is to be the rescue engine for the day. Edward is determined to be a hero, just like Harold.

Soon Edward comes across a sad-looking Charlie who has run out of oil. Edward tells Charlie a joke to cheer him up before setting off to Maithwaite. Once there, Edward meets Lady Hatt who has sent her luggage to Maron by mistake. Edward kindly fetches the luggage and returns it to her. Next Edward spots Farmer McColl's dog. Edward gently puffs over to her and she jumps into Edward's cab. Edward takes the nervous dog back to her owner.

Afterwards, Edward takes some time to reflect upon his day. He concludes that he has been very helpful, but not a real hero as he has not been strong, fast or brave. He decides to spend the rest of the day trying to be a real hero and heads off to Knapford to find the Fat Controller.

On the way to Knapford, Edward passes the farm. He overhears Farmer McColl talking to Gordon about how he returned the dog back to the farm. Then, to Edward's surprise, Farmer McColl calls him "a hero". Then Edward passes Charlie who is telling some children what a "hero" Edward had been for cheering him up. At Knapford, Edward hears Lady Hatt telling Sir Topham Hatt that he was a "hero" too. Edward tells the Fat Controller that Lady Hatt is wrong, but the Fat Controller laughs and tells Edward that he has been a hero in his own way. Edward feels very proud.





  • Dowager Hatt is referred to as "Lady Hatt".
  • The US version has the sixth and seventh images pixelated.


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