Elsie is a small luggage van who works with Toby and Henrietta.


The Railway Series

Prior to coming to the Island of Sodor, Elsie worked with Toby and Henrietta on a tramway in East Anglia. After the tramway closed, Elsie was brought with Toby and Henrietta to the North Western Railway. Elsie is generally shedded overnight at Knapford with Toby and Henrietta.

Technical Details


Elsie is based on the Great Eastern Railway (GER) Wisbech and Upwell Tramway luggage van No. 9.


Elsie is painted brown with a dark grey rooftop. Her buffer beams are painted red. When she became part of the North Western Railway, her company initials (NW) were painted on her sides in yellow.


The Railway Series

Companion Volumes


  • Elsie was mentioned in a January 2011 fact file about Toby.



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