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Emerson is a Brazilian aeroplane.


Thomas & Friends

While Sir Topham Hatt was in Brazil on the hunt for Thomas, he noticed an advertisement for Emerson's services. Taking advantage of both having a way to reach San Francisco and another way of finding Thomas, Sir Topham flew out on Emerson the next morning to search for Thomas. While neither of them had any luck finding Thomas, as he was already in the United States by this time, they did end up overtaking them due to Thomas and Ace being stuck overnight following a crash. Emerson delivered Sir Topham to San Francisco Docks before setting off again.

After a visiting Thomas blew a ball towards the sea, Emerson bounced it back to shore.

Emerson later helped Thomas search for Marcia and Marcio, and found them stranded in the Amazon Rainforest after the two engines ran out of eucalyptus wood while delivering some to Guanabara Bay.


Emerson is a kind, friendly, and helpful aeroplane who is always ready to help out someone in need. He takes his jobs very seriously, but also makes time to have fun with others.

Technical Details


Emerson is based on the King Air B200 manufactured by Beechcraft. They were initially used for military service, but entered civil use in 1974. Australia currently leases a number of B200s as part of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia and the Royal Australian Air Force. Isla is another member of this class.


Emerson is painted white with blue, green and yellow trim, the colours of the Brazilian flag.


Official Description

From Official Media:[1]

Emerson: Emerson is from Brazil. He is a plane who knows all about the Amazon Rainforest.

Voice Actors


  • His model was modified and reskinned into Isla's.
  • His name means "son of Emery".



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