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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the magazine story or the promotional DVD.

“I'm sorry I was rude, but can you help me get this timber to Farmer McColl's, please? It's to help the baby calves.”
―Emily apologising to Elizabeth

Emily's Adventure is the twentieth episode of the eighth series.


It is springtime on the Island of Sodor. One evening, a fierce storm sweeps across the Island of Sodor and causes a lot of damage. The following morning, Farmer McColl examines his cow barn to discover that the roof has blown off. So he telephones the Fat Controller, who sends Emily to collect timber to repair the barn.

On her way to Farmer McColl's, Emily has to stop due to a fallen tree in the way, much to her annoyance. Trevor tries his best to pull it out of the way, but Emily becomes impatient, so she bosses him about and loudly blows her whistle. As Trevor moves the tree out of the way, Emily does not say "thank you" to him, all she says is "About time!" When she sees workmen clearing the tracks further down the line, she whistles loudly and wheeshes steam at them. This makes the workmen cross, but Emily thinks it makes them work harder.

Further on down the line, Emily stops again, as a water tower is blocking her line. As Elizabeth is trying her best to move it, Emily, once again, is rude and impatient, loudly whistles and bossing Elizabeth about, and ends up being delayed when Elizabeth stands her ground and refuses to take such orders from Emily. Soon, Thomas arrives in the opposite direction, and tells Emily to ask more nicely. Realising that her bossiness is not going to help her at all, Emily apologises and asks Elizabeth very kindly to clear the tracks, which she does with a smile. Once the water tower is clear of the tracks, Emily says "thank you" to Elizabeth, and she puffs away. When she sees anyone clearing the tracks, she takes a deep breath and says "please" and "thank you." Emily gets to Farmer McColl's just in time.

Once the barn's roof is mended, the cows and the calves rest in the soft hay and Farmer McColl thanks Emily for helping him. Emily now knows that asking nicely is all she has to do.




  • Going by production order, this is the fourth episode of the eighth series.
  • In the individual version of the episode, the music is omitted at the end of the episode.
  • Excluding its appearances in music videos, this is the last appearance of The Watermill in model series episodes, although the Watermill would still appear in the opening for the series and would later appear in CGI in the thirteenth series episode, Play Time. It also marks its only physical appearance in the eighth series, not counting deleted scenes in Percy's New Whistle and Thomas and the Firework Display, respectively.
  • This episode marks Elizabeth's last appearance until the eleventh series episode, Emily's Rubbish, excluding her appearances in the ninth and tenth series music videos.
  • The top part of the water tower in this episode is actually the lid to a spray-paint can.


  • When Trevor tries to clear the fallen tree, there is string attached to his rear-end.
  • When Elizabeth tries to push the water tower out of Emily's way, one of the planks underneath her front left wheel bounces up and down.
  • In some close-ups of Elizabeth, the eye mechanism is visible in her cab.
  • Butch is seen at Dryaw, but he was somehow seen when Emily was approaching Elizabeth pushing the falling Water Tower.
  • When Farmer McColl thanks Emily, her right (viewers' perspective left) eye is wonky.
  • Elizabeth does not make the sounds of a steam-powered vehicle, instead sounding like a conventional petrol-driven engine.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese A Aventura de Emily
Chinese Mandarin 艾蜜莉的冒险
Croatian Emina Avantura
Czech Emilyno Dobrodružství
Danish Emilys Lærestreg
Dutch Het Avontuur van Emily
Finnish Emilian Seikkailu
French Emily et Les Veaux
Le Voyage d'Emily
German Nettigkeit siegt
Greek νίκες λεπτότητα
Hungarian Emily Kalandja
Italian L'avventura di Emily
Japanese エミリーのぼうけん
Korean 부탁은 공손하게
Latin American Spanish La Aventura de Emily
Norwegian Emilys Eventyr
Polish Przygoda Emilki
Romanian Aventura lui Emily
Russian Приключение Эмили
Scottish Gaelic Oighrig Agus na Laoigh
Serbian Emilijina avantura
Swedish Emilys Äventyr

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