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“Hello, Thomas!"
"Those are
my coaches. Give them back!”
―Emily and Thomas

Emily's New Coaches is the first episode of the seventh series.


Thomas returns from the yards and is very excited to meet a new engine who has just arrived. The engine has a brass safety valve and emerald green paintwork. The Fat Controller introduces her as Emily and the two engines introduce each other. The Fat Controller arranges Emily to collect her coaches, as she and her driver must learn the line, much to Thomas' impression. The only coaches that Emily's driver can find are Annie and Clarabel and he tells her that they are not "her sort" of coaches; but that they will be good enough. Annie and Clarabel are insulted at the comment, but Emily couples up to them and leaves the yard anyway.

Emily puffs along with Annie and Clarabel still insulted and says hello to Thomas as she passes by him, but Thomas angrily demands that she give his coaches back to him. Emily does not hear Thomas and carries on. She also passes Edward and Percy, but finds that they do not whistle to her, making her upset. The Fat Controller tells Thomas to go to the Docks and pick up some new coaches. Thomas reluctantly does so, while thinking The Fat Controller is replacing Thomas' coaches.

When Emily, Annie and Clarabel return to the yard, Oliver sees her and tells her that those coaches belong to Thomas. Emily finally realises why Thomas was upset and leaves to apologise. Meanwhile, Thomas is pulling two new green coaches for Emily to pull, still complaining as he would very much want Annie and Clarabel back.

Emily arrives at a signal box, where she is flagged down and the signalman tells her driver that Oliver has not cleared his signal box yet and asks them to go and see what the problem is. Emily sees that Oliver has broken down on an intersection when she hears Thomas' whistle. He sees Oliver but knows he cannot stop in time and is about to crash into him; Emily charges and pushes Oliver across the tracks, narrowly avoiding a collision.

Later, the Fat Controller praises Emily, then presents her with two brand new coaches, the same ones that Thomas has collected. She apologizes to Thomas for taking Annie and Clarabel, and Thomas apologizes for being cross. Emily is now very happy that she is Thomas' friend and has now become part of the Fat Controller's railway.




  • Going by production order, this is the eighteenth episode of the seventh series.
  • This episode marked the first of several things:
  • Mirrored stock footage from Thomas in Trouble and a deleted scene Thomas and Stepney are used.
  • In a rare picture, Oliver and Emily have switched tracks at Wellsworth.
  • Michael Angelis' dubs of this episode uses both Original music and New music in different airings on DVD and television.
  • According to a SiF interview with Robert Gauld-Galliers, Oliver's role in this episode was originally meant for Toby or Percy. A piece of concept art shows Toby in Oliver's role, and the caption beneath it says "Percy and Emily's Line," with "Toby" written above Percy much more faded. This suggests that more than two different characters were considered for the role. In addition with that, Emily was originally meant to wear her wincing face as it was shown in the artwork.
    • Had Toby been utilised, the reason for him getting stuck on the crossing might have been due to him running out of water because of his small water tanks and possibly be a reference to the third series episode Time for Trouble.
  • At Maithwaite, a London, Midland and Scottish Railway poster is seen.
  • In Michael Brandon's dub, Oliver says "Thanks!" and Emily pants "We did it!" after they nearly miss Thomas. Additionally, Oliver says "Help!" instead of "Ohhhh!" when Thomas whistles.
  • The very first scene of the episode is mirrored.
  • When Emily leaves the yards with Annie and Clarabel, a faceless Toad model can be seen next to her.
  • This episode marks Annie and Clarabel's only speaking roles in the seventh series.
  • This episode was released on the Happy Little Helpers VHS and DVD the same day it aired on television.
  • Michael Brandon's dub of this episode did not appear on DVD. A clip from the episode with his dub was shown on bonus feature, "How Did Thomas Meet his Friends?" Trivia Game in the 2010 DVD, The Greatest Stories. The full episode was later released in the 2012 DVD, Engine Friends.
  • This episode marked the last time to introduce a new future Steam Team member until Big World! Big Adventures!. This would happen again in the twenty-second series.


  • Percy has James' whistle sound at the beginning.
  • The narrator mentions Thomas taking Annie and Clarabel back to the yards, but he is pulling red branch line coaches instead.
  • Emily's safety valve is referred to as her "dome."
  • After Emily drops Annie and Clarabel off at the yard, her side rods suddenly change position as she leaves to find Thomas.
  • Emily consistently wobbles throughout this episode.
  • Throughout the episode, Oliver continually gains and loses his lamp and his right (viewer's left) lamp iron.
  • When the narrator says, "Later, the Fat Controller praised Emily," Oliver looks cross instead of happy.
  • Studio equipment is visible on the top right of the screen when Thomas says to Emily, "Give them back!"
  • In two scenes of Annie and Clarabel (such as when Clarabel whispers, "How dare he say we'll do!"), her right eye (viewers' perspective left) is damaged.
  • In a close up of Emily's coaches after the Fat Controller presents them to her, one of the coaches does not have its clerestory roof fixed properly.
  • In the wide shot of Thomas missing his near collision with Emily, before the narrator says, "Just in time," Emily's driving wheels do not move when she pushes Oliver across, indicating that Emily may have been pulled instead.


The Fat Controller: Thomas, meet Emily.
Thomas: Hello!
Emily: Hello to you!
The Fat Controller: Emily, collect your coaches. You and your driver must learn the line.
Emily: Yes, sir.

Emily's Driver: These aren't your sort of coaches, but I suppose they'll do.
Clarabel: How dare he say, "we'll do"!

The Fat Controller: I want you to go to the docks to pick up new coaches.
Thomas: New coaches? But, sir...
The Fat Controller: Really useful engines don't argue.

The Fat Controller: Well done, you were a very brave engine.
Oliver: The bravest!
The Fat Controller: It gives me great pleasure to present you with two new coaches.
Emily: Thank you, sir! Thomas, I'm sorry I took Annie and Clarabel.
Thomas: And I'm sorry I was so cross.
Emily: Friends?
Thomas: Friends.


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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 艾蜜莉的新车厢
Czech Emilyny nové vagónky
Danish Emilys Nye Vogne
Dutch Nieuwe Wagens voor Emily
French Les Nouvelles Voitures d’Emily
Hungarian Emily Új Vagonjai
Italian Le Nuove Carrozze di Emily
Japanese あたらしいなかまエミリー
Korean 오해
Latin American Spanish Los nuevos vagones de Emily
Polish Nowe Wagony Emilki
Portuguese Os novos vagões de Emily
Romanian Noile Vagoane ale lui Emily
Russian Новые вагоны Эмили
Serbian Emilijini Novi Vagoni
Swedish Emilys Nya Vagnar
Turkish Yeni Tren Emily
Welsh Cerbydau Newydd Emily

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