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“Emily the late engine! Emily the late engine!”
―The Troublesome Trucks

Emily's New Route is the tenth episode of the eighth series.


One summer's morning, the Fat Controller comes to see Emily, stating that he is opening new routes for the summer. He tasks Emily with the job of transporting flour from the mill, which makes her very happy.

Later that day, Emily meets James at the water tower and tells him of her new job. James says Emily is lucky, as he has been given the job of carrying passengers along the Black Loch branch. He responds that there are frequent landslides and a monster rumoured to be living in the loch, known as the "Black Loch Monster". He nervously adds that nobody knows what the monster is, only that black figures move in the water and disappear. James sets off for work, leaving Emily nervous about the route, but pleased she does not have to run it.

Emily arrives at the flour mill to collect the flour trucks to take to Knapford, but the troublesome trucks decide to cause trouble. As Emily pulls them as hard as she can, the trucks hold her back, making her very late delivering the flour, so there will be no fresh bread for that day. The Fat Controller is cross, as this means that he will not have any toast or crumpets for breakfast, and warns Emily if she is late again, she and James will transfer duties. This leaves Emily nervous about the boulders and the Black Loch Monster, and she tells herself that she must be on time with the flour tomorrow.

The next morning, the troublesome trucks decide to trick her again, as they are not coupled up properly. Emily hurries to the station, but she only brings half of the flour trucks. When she realises this, she rushes back to the mill as fast as she can. After she arrives, the trucks tease her, calling her a late engine. This ends up with Emily losing her temper and she biffs the trucks very hard. However, because she cannot see where she is going, the trucks derail and splash into the duck pond causing the flour to explode into the water and all over Emily.

That evening, Thomas and Emily are at Knapford Station with the Fat Controller, who is very cross with Emily for causing confusion. He therefore transfers her to Black Loch as punishment, leaving her very unhappy. Thomas kindly says that Black Loch may be a nice route, but with what Emily has heard, she does not think so.

The next morning, Emily sadly arrives at Maithwaite Station, where her passengers are waiting. Emily realises they are looking forward to their holiday, so she decides to be brave and do her job. But as she reaches the Black Loch halt, she looks down at the water and remembers the monster. At that moment, a landslide comes down in front of her, leaving her stuck. Then, Emily notices something black moving through the water towards her, and she realises it is the Black Loch Monster. Emily is now frightened and shakes with fear, declaring she never wants to see Black Loch again, but then she thinks of the children in her coaches, and she realises she must get them to their holiday whatever it takes. At that moment, the water settles down, and she can see what the "monster" really is: a friendly family of seals. She and the children are delighted, and soon the line is cleared and Emily is able to get the children to their holiday on time.

That evening, Thomas and Emily are both at the Loch, watching the seals. Emily tells Thomas that he was right, in that Black Loch is a nice route after all.





  • When James and Emily leave the water tower, Trevor and George disappear from where they were positioned before.
  • When Emily arrives at the mill for the first time, her steam platform is visible.
  • On a close up shot of the front truck, Emily's tender is not in the scene to make more space for the camera.
  • When Emily leaves the flour mill with only half the trucks, her third truck is missing a face.
  • When Emily leaves after being scolded and when she leaves to collect the second load of flour, her first truck's face is gone.
  • The last truck that Emily accidentally leaves behind at the mill has turned around.
  • When Emily brakes, her wheels still move.
  • When the trucks splash into the duck pond the flour bag in the first truck has already been burst open.
  • In an extended scene of the close up of Emily's wheels, she was only pulling three trucks instead of six as shown in the Come Ride the Rails DVD game, Seeing the Seals.
  • When Emily leaves Maithwhite, her brake coach is facing the wrong way.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese O Novo Itinerário de Emily
Chinese 艾蜜莉的新路线
Croatian Emina nova ruta
Czech Emilyn nový spoj
Danish Emilys nye rute
Dutch Emily’s Nieuwe Traject
Finnish Emilian Uusi Reitti
German Emilys neue Strecke
Hungarian Emily Új Útvonala
Italian La Nuova Linea di Emily
Japanese エミリーのあたらしいろせん
Korean 미리 겁내지 말아요
Latin American Spanish El Camino de Emily
El Nuevo Recorrido de Emily
Norwegian Emilys nye rute
Polish Nowa trasa Emilki
Romanian Nouă Ruta a lui Emily
Russian Новый маршрут Эмили
Scottish Gaelic An Slighe Ur Aig Oighrig
Serbian Emilijina nova ruta
Spanish La Nueva Línea de Emily
Swedish Emilys nya rutt

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