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Emily's Winter Party Special is a magazine story, it was illustrated by using photographs from the CGI television series. It was later published in the 2014 Thomas Annual.


It is the day of the Sodor Winter Festival and one lucky engine is to be chosen to be the party engine. The party engine delivers presents to the children and is decorated with festive lights. The Fat Controller declares that the hardest working engine will be the party engine. Emily is upset. Thomas and Henry have been given jobs to do and she has not. She cannot be the party engine if she cannot be really useful. Just then, a big gust of wind blows the Fat Controller's hat away. Emily has an idea; her job can be to find the Fat Controller's hat. That will make her really useful and then she will be chosen to be the party engine.

Emily puffs off to find Thomas and tell him the news. Thomas agrees that finding the Fat Controller's hat would make her really useful. Now Emily is very sure that she will be chosen as the party engine. She puffs around telling everyone what she is going to do until it is dark. She has not even started looking for the hat. At the Steamworks, Emily gets all dressed up as the party engine. She is sure she will be chosen, so it will save time. Then Emily sees Thomas, who is carrying the Fat Controller. The Fat Controller is not pleased to see Emily dressed as the party engine. Emily feels terrible; she had spent all day bragging to the others instead of doing her job. The Fat Controller decides to make Thomas the winter party engine.

Emily is chuffing along sadly when she sees a snowman beside the line. The snowman is wearing the Fat Controller's top-hat. When Thomas and Emily arrive at the winter festival, the children are thrilled. They love seeing Thomas with all his bright lights and the presents. Emily tells the Fat Controller that they have a present for him too. The Fat Controller opens the box and sees his hat. The Fat Controller thanks Emily and calls her a really useful engine.




  • This story is based on the sixteenth series episode of the same name.
  • After the story, readers can colour in a picture of Emily.


  • Emily spots the Fat Controller's hat on the snowman at night, but in the image of the snowman, it is daytime.


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