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“I'll do as you say, Queen Emily!”

Emily Knows Best is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


One day, Emily drops some visitors off at an old castle where a queen used to live. Emily decides that she would like to be a queen, as queens get to boss everybody around. Later, she asks Toby and Percy to play a game with her. She tells them that she will be the queen and order them about. Toby is concerned that Emily will not know the right thing to do. Emily is adamant that she does know what to do. Toby chuckles and then trundles away.

Percy is coupled to some trucks. Emily orders Percy to take his trucks on her line. Percy does as Emily says and puffs up her line with his line of trucks. Then, Emily hears a loud crashing noise. Percy has crashed into Mavis and they have both derailed. Suddenly, there is another crashing noise as Toby hits some of the stone that had spilled from Mavis' trucks. Toby knows just what to do and he sends Emily to the nearest station to call for help. Soon everyone is back on the rails and Emily admits that being a queen is not as easy as she thought it would be.





  • The Fat Controller is seen in the last image, but he is not mentioned in the story.


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