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“Well, Emily, I think you managed to make that the most exciting delivery ever!”

Emily Saves the World is a magazine story, it was illustrated by using images from the CGI television series. It was later published in the 2016 Thomas Annual.


One bright day, Emily is delivering a load of sand to Brendam Docks. Along the way, every engine she meets tells her about the most exciting things they have delivered in the past. Thomas tells her that he once delivered a jet engine. Emily is upset; she has never delivered anything exciting.

The next day, the Fat Controller sends Emily off to collect something very special. It is a giant globe which needs to be delivered to the Sodor Animal Park. Emily cannot wait to show her special off to the other engines.

Emily takes her special load up to the Sodor Steamworks, but there is no-one there. She then takes it to Maron and Crovan's Gate, but there is no-one there either. When she finally meets up with Thomas, she realises that she has lost the globe.

The globe rolls all the way to Brendam Docks. Emily chases after it but she is too late to prevent the giant globe from rolling into the sea. Luckily, Captain is nearby and he pushes the globe up to Cranky who quickly fishes it out of the water and loads it back onto Emily's flatbed.

Eventually, Emily pulls into the Animal Park with the globe and apologises for her tardiness. Thomas pulls up beside Emily and tells her that she has made that the most exciting delivery ever.





  • Crovan's Gate is all in one word as "Crovansgate".


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