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“Trembling tracks, Emily! What's happened to your face? You look very funny!”

Emily and Dash is the third episode of the fifteenth series.


Today is Dash's turn to receive his award for being "Really Useful." The Fat Controller tells Dash that his treat is to be the star of the children's steam fair and Emily is to escort him there. The Logging Locos are playing one of their favourite games: Warbling Whistles; where they make tweeting noises with their whistles. Emily is keen to master the trick, so she can show the children at the steam fair. The Logging Locos tell Emily that it takes a long time to learn, but Emily is sure she can learn it on the way to the fair.

Soon, Emily and Dash set off. When they reach a junction, Emily asks Dash to show her how to do the trick. Dash tells her that making tweeting noises uses a lot of fuel, which does not bother Emily at all. Whilst practising, Gordon rolls up and is very impressed by Dash's "warbling whistle." This makes Emily even more determined to master the trick. Later on, Emily and Dash roll onto a quiet siding. Emily insists that Dash tell her how to do it again and once again ignores Dash's warning about fuel. Then Charlie arrives on his way to the steam fair. He hears Dash's "warbling whistle" and is also very impressed which makes Emily even more determined to do it for herself.

It is not long before Emily and Dash arrive at another siding. Emily asks Dash to show her again, but Dash tells her that he is nearly out of fuel, but Emily insists. Then, Hiro arrives and is concerned by the face Emily is making and sets off to inform the Fat Controller. Then, disaster strikes - Dash is out of fuel. So Emily sets off to the steam fair alone.

Once there, the children run over to Emily. They have heard all about the tweeting whistles. Emily tries to make tweeting noises, but to no avail. Emily knows that she will have to fetch Dash in order to please the children. So she rushes to get Dash some fuel and the two engines return to the fair, where Dash impresses the children. Emily laughs so hard, that tweeting noises come from her whistle.





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  • In the PBS Kids Game, "Tangled Rail Tales," it said that Dash ran out of coal, but he runs on wood and oil.
  • Gordon is missing his face in one scene where Dash teaches Emily to "warble" her whistle at the junction.
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, Dash has Ferdinand's voice when the Logging Locos are laughing together at the beginning.
  • In the Hebrew dub, Thomas says he had not heard a "motor" tweet like a bird, and the narrator calls Emily's whistle her "bell".
  • Steam escapes from the base of Emily's whistle, where there are no openings, instead of the mouth.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Emily e Dash
Catalan L'Emily i en Crac
Chinese Mandarin 艾蜜莉和但什
Finnish Emilia ja Tälli
French Emilie et Dash
German Emily und Dash
Hebrew אמילי ודאש
Hungarian Emily és Dash
Italian Un Numero Davvero Speciale
Japanese エミリーとダッシュ
Korean 에밀리와 다쉬 (dub)
에밀리와 대시 (subtitles)
Norwegian Emily og Futt
Polish Emilka i Prast
Romanian Emily și Dash
Russian Соловей Дэш (Original)
Эмили и Дэш (Alternate)
Spanish Emily y Dash

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