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“Because Gordon's not the only one who's set a new record, I've set one too.”

Emily and the Special Coaches, retitled Emily and the Special Cars in American releases, is the twenty-first episode of the tenth series.


Gordon's Special Coaches to be awarded to Gordon for his achievement.

All the engines are excited because Gordon has broken a speed record for pulling the Express. The Fat Controller has told Emily to collect some special coaches to present to Gordon in honour of his achievement.

On her way to collect the coaches, Emily is approached by Diesel at a water tower. Taking notice of Emily's excitement, she explains to him about the record and the coaches. When Diesel insists that Gordon is not the only one who is special, Emily insults him and steams off. Diesel angrily rattles away.

Later, Emily arrives at the shunting yards to find that the coaches are already gone. Thomas explains that Diesel tricked him into thinking it was Diesel's job to take the coaches and not Emily's. She goes in search of Diesel and the coaches all across the island.

Emily chases Diesel around the island.

She finds Diesel at Kirk Ronan Junction, but does not want to hear Diesel's explanation for stealing the coaches. Because of this, Diesel refuses to return them. Emily tries to chase him down and retake the coaches, but to no avail. At Maithwaite, Emily tells the Fat Controller about what has happened.

Meanwhile, Diesel has hidden the coaches in a siding, but he becomes sick and sluggish, and he starts to slow down. Emily and the Fat Controller find Diesel and demand that Diesel show them where the coaches are. At the siding, Emily is reunited with the coaches but notices that Diesel is billowing black smoke. After explaining that his engine has worn out, Emily blames him for running around with the coaches. Diesel also explains that he did this because she would not listen to him. He tells Emily that he has broken the record for shunting the most trucks in a day and this time, Emily listens. He then splutters away, leaving Emily feeling guilty.

Gordon being awarded with his special coaches.

After delivering the coaches to Knapford, Emily tells the Fat Controller about her plan to reward Diesel for his record. After he agrees with the plan, Emily goes off to find Diesel and tells him to go to Knapford. Later during Gordon's ceremony, the Fat Controller presents him with the coaches but Emily also presents Diesel with a new motor. Emily learns that both diesel and steam engines are special.




  • Going by production order, this is the ninth episode of the tenth series.
  • A callback to the episode It's Good to be Gordon, which is the previous episode in production order, is made in that Gordon has finally broken the speed record.
  • Henry's original perspex model was used at the beginning of the episode.
  • Stock footage from the eighth series episode, Squeak, Rattle and Roll is used as well as a deleted scene from the same series of Emily passing the windmill.
  • This episode marks the first time Diesel is seen pulling coaches.
  • This is one of the two episodes to feature Diesel's unused ill face from the fourth series, the other being Thomas and the Stinky Cheese.
  • A recap version of the episode was used in the Sodor's Special Places segment, Knapford Station (Part 1) before the full episode aired.
  • Diesel telling Emily he shunted the most amount of trucks could possibly be a reference to Diesel's actual basis as it was classed the most successful shunting engine in the world.
  • The US dub of this episode was never released on home media.
  • This episode marks the only appearances of a few things:
    • Diesel's only appearance in the tenth series.
    • The only appearance of Gordon's special coaches, although they later appear in a deleted scene in the twelfth series episode, Thomas and the Billboard.
    • Emily's only starring role in the tenth series.


  • In the UK dub, the narrator calls the coaches "trucks" when he says Diesel showed them to Emily in the siding.
  • Diesel's depressed face mask is crooked when the narrator says "But he wasn't feeling well, he started to slow down" and when Diesel talks to the Fat Controller.
  • When Emily arrives at Knapford, her steam platform is visible.
  • In one close-up of Emily at Knapford Station, her front buffers are not hooked up to Diesel's engine load, but later are hooked up.
  • When Gordon is at Knapford with his special coaches, the tracks behind him have dead ends at the bushes.
  • Diesel's new engine seems to be bigger than himself.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 艾蜜莉和特别车厢
Danish Emily og de nymalede vogne
Dutch Emily en de speciale Wagons
Finnish Emilian erikoisvaunut
German Emily und die Reisezugwagen
Hungarian Dízelek és Gőzösök
Italian Emily e i Vagoni Speciali
Japanese エミリーととくべつなきゃくしゃ
Korean 에밀리와 특별한 객차
Latin American Spanish Emily y los Vagones Especiales
Norwegian Emily og de spesielle vognene
Polish Emily i Specjalne Wagony
Portuguese Emily e os Vagões Especiais
Romanian Emily și Vagoanele Speciale
Russian Эмили и фирменные вагоны
Spanish Emily y los Vagones Sorpresa
Swedish Emily och Specialvagnar
Turkish Emily ve Özel Otomobiller

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