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“I heard all about your heroic actions, Emily. You really know how to think on your wheels and solve problems. In fact, from now on, I'd like you to be our official safety engine!”
―The Fat Controller

Emily to the Rescue is the fifth episode of the twenty-fourth series.


A safety inspector is coming to the island to make sure everything is running well. All the engines will have to be checked over and can continue with their regular work. Then, there will be an emergency drill. The engine closest to Rocky is supposed to collect him, and the other engines need to head to Knapford Station.

Everything runs smoothly until it is time for Rocky to be collected. Rebecca, James, and Percy all go to collect Rocky, not knowing who is closest. Percy overruns a red signal, causing all three engines to derail. At Knapford, the Fat Controller hears the news. Emily immediately goes to fetch Rocky to help Percy, James, and Rebecca.

Meanwhile, Gordon is forced to go a different route with the express, and all the road vehicles have to take a detour too since the accident happened at a level crossing. All the traffic causes a road bridge to start cracking. Emily calls out to Bertie, who takes all the vehicles off the bridge.

But Gordon still does not know this. He goes under the bridge and is frozen with fear as it is about to collapse. Luckily, Emily brings Rocky to hold the bridge up so Gordon can move. The safety inspector is impressed with Emily for preventing a nasty accident, and so is the Fat Controller. He has Emily made the official Sodor safety engine—and finally given the number 12.





US and Canada


  • Starting from this episode onwards:
  • This is the first episode to feature The Steam Team song at the end.
  • The siren sound is the same heard in the TUGS episode, Munitions.
  • When Thomas blows his whistle, it budges up and down similarly to how Nitrogen Studios animated the whistles.
  • Thomas and the Royal Engine was aired in the UK before this episode, so some viewers would not understand why Emily would have the number 12.
  • This is the last episode to have Emily as the lead and title character.
  • This episode was never aired in Germany and South Korea.
  • In the Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Baltic Russian dubs, the UK dub can be heard in the background as a dubbing track was not used.


  • When the safety inspector asks Rebecca, Thomas and Nia to test their whistles, the steam emits above Nia's whistle.
  • When Emily says "There's no point in two of us getting Rocky," her front bogie wheels are not moving.
  • When Rebecca brakes her front wheels also lock up, despite not having brakes.
  • James' front wheels are not moving just before he crashes into Percy.
  • When James derails, his tender wheels stop moving before his tender actually stops.
  • In the aerial shot of the crash at the level crossing, a policeman vanishes in the last frame.
  • When Gordon approaches the level crossing, some of the car models have changed.
  • When Gordon looks up at the crumbling bridge, a steam effect appears in the bottom right corner for a split second.
  • In the Netflix release, the Fat Controller's line "Whoever is closest to the Search and Rescue Centre should get Rocky," is incorrectly shown in the captioning as "Whoever is closest to the Search and Rescue Centre should get rocking."

In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Emily ao Resgate
Dutch Emily Schiet te Hulp!
Estonian Emily Päästeoperatsioon
Greek Η Έμιλυ σώζει την κατάσταση
Hebrew אמילי להצלה
Italian Esercitazioni di Emergenza
Japanese エミリーのきんきゅうしゅつどう
Latin American Spanish Emily al Rescate
Latvian Emīlija Dodas Palīgā
Lithuanian Išgelbėti Emilę
Polish Emilka Na Ratunek
Russian Номер Двенадцать
Turkish Emily Kurtarmaya Geliyor

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