Thomas the Tank Engine Wikia

Endeavour Entertainment released the third and fourth series and re-released the first and second series of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends on VHS in New Zealand in association with Roadshow Entertainment.


  1. Thomas and Gordon and Other Stories (Volume 1)
  2. Troublesome Trucks and other stories (Volume 2)
  3. Coal and other stories (Volume 3)
  4. Thomas, Percy and the Coal and Other Stories (Volume 4)
  5. Percy and Harold and Other Stories (Volume 5)
  6. The Deputation and Other Stories (Volume 6)
  7. Trust Thomas and other stories (Volume 7)
  8. Time for Trouble and other stories (Volume 8)
  9. Escape and Other Stories (Volume 9)
  10. Rock 'n' Roll and other Stories (Volume 10)
  11. Thomas and the Special Letter and other stories (Volume 11)
  12. Thomas and Stepney and other Stories (Volume 12)
  13. Story and Song Collection (Volume 13)
  14. Playtime (Volume 14)