Ester is a miniature excavator, who works for the Italian Construction Company.


Thomas & Friends

When Thomas visited Italy, Ester was working at The Italian Construction Site. While digging out the foundations, she discovered an ancient Roman palace and the site had to be moved to the other side of the tracks. Her friends from the Italian Construction Company were supposed to help with this, however delays meant they became busy with their own work. On Thomas' (albeit indirect) suggestion, the Sodor Construction Company later came to Italy to help her out.


Ester takes life with excitement and a slow pace, speaking with the grandeur of an artist. She is slow and methodical, often getting amused at fast excited actions and is quick to take ideas when given the right material. Despite her slow approach, Ester is not above moving fast when excited.

Technical Details


Ester's exact basis is currently unknown, however she most accurately resembles a 2t Small Mini Digger Excavator made by Shandong Kelesi Machinery Co. Ltd. She has been slightly modified with larger treads and a closed cab to accommodate a face.


Ester is painted white and red, with green crawler track gears and a number "33" on both sides on the back of her cab doors. Her counterweight/engine cover is painted a dark grey.


Voice Actors


  • Concept artwork incorrectly depicts Ester with Oliver's face.
  • Ester is painted in the colours of the Italian flag.
  • She is the third excavator in the television series after Alfie and Oliver.



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