Eurostar is a famous high-speed express train, linking the United Kingdom, FranceBelgium and The Netherlands.

Thomas and Annie once met the high-speed train when they were on their way to the Queen's birthday.

Technical Details


Eurostar is based on a British Rail Class 373 high-speed train.


Eurostar is painted light and dark grey with gold lining. The top of him is painted purple with red lining. His name is also painted on him in gold.




  • Despite being an electric locomotive, in the illustrations, Eurostar lacks a pantograph and no overhead wires are visible to power the train.
  • A replica of the Eurostar is kept at the National Railway Museum.
  • He, along with Kenji, The Japanese Engines, Settebello and Pip and Emma, are the only Bullet Trains from the Thomas and Friends Franchise.
  • Since he has barley any electric power, this version of Eurostar can be classified as a Diesel Locomotive or Diesel Electric rather than just Electric, making this version of the Eurostar Inaccurate.


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