Exploring Sodor is a game based on Vtech's InnoTab system. It was only released in 2012.

The narration was provided by Michael Brandon.


Learning Games

Misty Island

Sir Topham Hatt asks Thomas to get the jobi Wood from Misty Island. Help Thomas collect jobi wood logs from Ol' Wheezy. Then, help Thomas cross the Shake Shake Bridge, Finally, help load the correct number of jobi wood logs. When you're done, see what Sir Topham Hatt makes using the jobi wood!

Curriculum: Counting, Math

The Sodor Steamworks

It's a very busy day at the Sodor Steamworks. Help Victor and Kevin tidy up the Steamworks by putting loose parts away and stacking heavy objects. After you finish cleaning up, fix the engines by replacing their missing parts.

Curriculum: Colors, Matching

Knapford Station

Sir Topham Hatt needs Thomas to make some deliveries. First, listen to Sir Topham Hatt and choose the correct object to deliver. Then, help Thomas deliver the object, Along the way, find and help Thomas' friends.

Curriculum: Objects, Classification


Make a Storybook

It's a busy day on the Island of Sodor, and there are lots of deliveries to make. but what happens next? Choose what in the story and then decorate your own colorful storybook cover!

Roll Along Songs

Create a music video by choosing a song and scenes.

Really Useful Camera

Take photos with Thomas and the other engines.


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