“Pah! You and your dirty, smoky funnel! I have to hurry off to the Docks soon. I won't run well if you blow smoke all over me. It makes me cough and gets in my eyes!"
―Diesel being rude to Fergus

Fast and First!, rereleased in 2011 as Slowcoach Diesel, is a magazine story.


Diesel is being rude to the steamies. He tells Fergus that he is fast and clean and makes no fuss. Fergus wants to race Diesel, but he thinks it is pointless. Gordon has an idea which he whispers to Fergus whilst Diesel is filling up with Diesel oil. They put their plan into action with some help from Rocky. When Diesel rolls into the docks, he is surprised to see slow and steady Fergus already there. Unbeknownst to Diesel, Gordon had asked Rocky to lift Fergus onto a flatbed. Then Gordon hastily pushed Fergus to the docks.




  • Diesel is said to have a two-chimed whistle, but he is a Diesel engine.
  • Fergus' buffers are grey when they should be bronze.


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