“I'm not sure which I liked most, my birthday cake or those party quackers!”
The Fat Controller

Feeding Time is a magazine story.


Thomas always enjoys working by the canal as he likes watching the canal boats chug along carrying goods like coal and wood while others carry passengers on sightseeing cruises. One place along the canal is often noisy. Whenever Thomas stops at one signal, some hungry ducks come across to see him as they know the tank engine's driver will throw them some bread. Thomas smiles; throwing bread to them is the only way to keep the little ducks quiet.

At the main station, Thomas hears that it will soon be the Fat Controller's birthday. The stationmaster is planning a party in the waiting room, but Thomas has a better idea and everything is soon arranged.

So after work, on the big day, Thomas takes the Fat Controller to the canal boat that is moored by the ducks. The stationmaster, staff and other engine crews have already arrived. They are waiting on a canal boat with lots of present and a big birthday cake shaped like the Fat Controller's top-hat. As he cuts the cake and thanks everybody, everybody sings "Happy Birthday" to their controller.

Suddenly, everyone hears a noise - it's the ducks quacking loudly because Thomas' driver has not fed them. Everyone joins in, tossing small bits of bread to the ducks. The Fat Controller has had a very happy birthday.



  • An unnamed canal boat with a face appears.
  • The Sodor Maid's driver looks like Farmer Collett.
  • Thomas is only pulling Annie.


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