“Smoke and fire! Don't tell me there's been another accident! Why else would the nurse be going there?”

Feeling Fine is a magazine story.


One morning, a new driver and fireman arrive to take Thomas out of the shed. Some of the other engines have new crews, too; the engines are most puzzled. Soon, the Fat Controller arrives. James sees him and stops sharp. Thomas, who is behind him, bashes into James' tender. Needless to say, the Fat Controller scolds them. The engines ask him where their normal crews are and Sir Topham Hatt replies by saying that they are attending a special course.

Soon, Thomas and James have collected carriages from the Main Station and are clattering along the branch line. Nearby, Thomas sees Bertie stopped outside a hospital. A nurse boards him and asks for a ticket to the Main Station. Thomas is puzzled and is about to ask Bertie what is happening when the busy bus zooms off down the road. Thomas assumes the worst and thinks there must have been an accident at the station.

After they have finished their work, James and Thomas steam to the Main Station to find out what is going on. To their surprise they see the Fat Controller with his arm in a sling, a porter bandaging a guard's head, and James' usual driver with his foot in bandages. The engines worst fear appears to have come true - there must have been a very serious accident. All of a sudden, everyone takes their bandages off. The Fat Controller explains that they were merely having a lesson in first aid in case of a real accident. Thomas and James are relieved.




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