“Me? But I'm the pride of the Cement Works!”

Fergus Runs Away is a magazine story illustrated using photos from the television series.


The Fat Controller sends Diesel to help Fergus at the Cement Works. Fergus is unhappy to see Diesel, as he knows how troublesome he can be. It is not long before Diesel has had enough of Fergus' adherence to the rules and starts to plot against him.

Diesel tells Fergus that the Fat Controller wants him to go and work at the Smelter's Yard. Fergus is shocked, having thought himself the pride of the Cement Works.

Fergus does not like the Smelter's Yard and escapes. When the Fat Controller hears what has happened, he sends Thomas to look for the little traction engine. Thomas finds Fergus who explains that he ran away because he does not want to work at the Smelter's Yard.

When the two engines return to the Smelter's Yard, the Fat Controller is waiting for them. As a punishment for his devious ways, he decides to send Diesel to the Smelter's Yard and Fergus can return to the Cement Works the following day.





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