“Your dog should have a treat, too. I will buy him a nice big bone!"
"Woof! Woof!"
"I think he's saying 'Yes, please'!”
―The mother, the dog, and Thomas

Fetch is a magazine story puzzle.


Thomas is at a station that over looks a park. The sun is shining as Thomas watches a girl playing with and then dropping her ball. Her brother calls to their dog to fetch the ball, but soon the sun goes behind the clouds, so the family go to the station where they board Thomas' train for the market. The market is full of bright stalls and nice smells. Thomas waits in a nearby siding and sees one of the stall-holders give the boy and girl an apple. The boy drops his apple and their dog runs after it, picks it up, and takes it back to the boy. The boy cannot eat it now, so the stall-holder gives him another apple whilst the mother buys some bananas and pears. The mother thinks the dog deserves a treat - and the dog agrees.


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