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The Ffarquhar Quarry Company (abbreviated as FQC) is a company based at Ffarquhar, which is responsible for the supply and transportation of rock on the Ffarquhar Branch Line. The company operates Ffarquhar Quarry (also known as Anopha Quarry or Centre Island Quarry), which is situated at the end of the branch line.

Did you know? The name 'Anopha' for the quarry originates from a set of Peco wagon transfers for British Quarry Company (BQC) Granophast. These were modified by Wilbert Awdry, with the 'B' in 'BQC' being cut down to an 'F' to form 'FQC' (Ffarquhar Quarry Company) and the first and last two letters from 'Granophast' being removed to form 'Anopha'.