“Fire Engine Flynn to the rescue!”

Fire Engine Flynn is a book in the Thomas Story Time series illustrated using photographs from the CGI television series.


At the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre, Diesel accuses Flynn of not being busy. Just then, the rescue bell rings out. Rocky tells Flynn that a blue engine is in danger, but Flynn races away before hearing the rest of the message. Down the line, he meets Edward. Believing that he is the engine in trouble, Flynn sprays water all over Edward and his driver. Flynn, realising that Edward is not the engine in danger, feels silly and races away.

At Maron, Flynn meets Gordon who is picking up Sir Topham and Lady Hatt. Flynn sprays the big, blue engine with water, soaking the Fat Controller in the process. Gordon tells Flynn that he is not on fire, leaving the fire engine feeling silly once again. Flynn sets off to the real endangered blue engine, now wishing he had waited to hear the rest of the message.

At the Sodor Dieselworks, Flynn finds Thomas who has a fire in his firebox. Flynn aims his water cannons, but no water comes out. He had used it all. Flynn is sorry, but knows how to put the problem right. He asks the Diesels to save Thomas. The Diesels' drivers hastily pour water into Thomas' flaming firebox.

Flynn trundled back to the Search and Rescue Centre, where he filled up with water. Then the rescue bell rings out again. This time, Flynn waits to hear the whole message before rushing off to the rescue.




  • On the title page, Edward has Thomas' face and the picture is mirrored. However, the Japanese version was corrected in 2015[1].
  • In an image of Edward and Flynn, Edward can be seen next to the coal hopper, but in the previous image, the hopper is missing. This is because the image is taken from the episode, Charlie and Eddie.
  • In the image of Flynn squirting Edward, the water does not seem to be hitting anything.
  • It is said that Gordon is picking up Lady Hatt and the Fat Controller, but Dowager Hatt is pictured.
  • In the first image showing Thomas at the Dieselworks, part of Thomas' whistle is missing.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Finnish Paloveturi Ykä
Japanese トーマスとしょうぼうしゃフリン



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