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Fire engines transport firefighters, firefighting equipment, and water. They are dispatched for various emergencies, mainly when a fire goes out of control and must be put out.

Sodor Fire owns several fire engines. They are parked at the Wellsworth Fire Station while not in use.


The Railway Series

When Gordon's whistle jammed, the fire brigade mistakenly thought an alarm had gone off and sent out five fire engines. [1]

Thomas & Friends

When James' train of fuel tankers caught fire, some fire engines were sent to put out the fire. Later on, the workmen's hut had caught fire as well. However, the fire engines quickly ran out of water and had to use water from Thomas and Percy's tanks. The fire at the workmen's hut was soon put out, but the hut was destroyed. [2]

Dryaw Airfield usually has a fire engine on standby.

When a windmill got struck by lightning at night, a fire engine arrived at the scene in the morning. One of them was used as a crash tender at the Sodor Airport. [3] When Arthur's train of fruit vans crashed into Duck, a fire engine arrived to rescue trapped people. [4]

Since Belle and Flynn's arrival on Sodor, the other fire engines have rarely been seen. However, one of the signs on the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre building features a silhouette of a similar fire engine and an ambulance.

Technical Details


In The Railway Series, the fire engines are based on the N-Type built by Dennis Specialist Vehicles. These were built from 1905 to the late 1920s. Angus is also based on this fire engine.

In the television series, the fire engines are based on the Dennis F8 type. These were built from 1946 to the 1970s.


In The Railway Series, the fire engines are painted red, yellow and black.

In the television series, the fire engines are painted red with their company's name (Sodor Fire) painted on their sides in white. Their rooftops are painted light grey.


Audio Files


First used Last used Sound Effect
Read and Play! Read and Play!


First Used Last Used Sound Effect
Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach


In the Thomas Noisy Book a fire engine has a siren shared with Police Cars and Ambulances.

First Used Last Used Sound Effect
Thomas Noisy Book Thomas Noisy Book


  • Angus and Flynn are the only known fire engines to have names and faces.
  • A model of one of the fire engines is currently on display at Drayton Manor.



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