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“You'll be smelling fishy tonight, Gordon!”

Fishy Business is a magazine story.


One dark night, the engines are in the sheds when Gordon announces that he can smell fish. James says that one of the boxes of fish in Henry's train broke open and covered the big green engine in fish. Soon they are all fast asleep.

The next morning, Gordon exits the sheds to find that the turntable has broken. Gordon is worried that he will not get to the big station in time. The Fat Controller hurries to the shed and says that it will take all day to mend the turntable so no engine will be able to change tracks. Since Gordon is on the track which leads to the harbour, the Fat Controller sends him there to collect fish. Gordon is very cross. Henry is on the track to pull the express so Henry is given Gordon's usual job. The other engines laugh and Henry is pleased that Gordon will be the one smelling of fish that evening.