“Why are you never busy, like other engines?"
"I am! I'm just waiting to be busy. There has to be a fire to put out first!”
―Diesel and Flynn

Flaming Flynn is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the CGI television series.


Diesel and Flynn are watching a busy Thomas working. Diesel asks Flynn why he is never busy like the others, but the fire engine explains that there has to be a fire before he can be busy. Then a siren blasts out and Rocky tells Flynn that there is a blue engine on fire. Flynn was so excited that he raced off without waiting to hear which engine needs assistance. Soon Flynn spots Edward at the Coal Hopper with Dart. Flynn assumes that he is the blue engine in danger and soaks him (and his driver) in water, much to Dart's delight! This makes Flynn even more determined to find the engine in trouble.

At Maron, Flynn finds another blue engine - Gordon. Flynn wastes no time in squirting Gordon with water, but the water sprays all over the passengers on the platform as well as the Fat Controller. Flynn apologises and races off quickly. Finally Flynn tracks down the blue engine in trouble - Thomas! Unfortunately, Flynn has used up all his water, but he knows what to do and asks some Diesels and their drivers to fetch buckets of water to help the blue tank engine.

Soon the blaze was out and after thanking the Diesels and their drivers, Flynn heads back to the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre. There he meets Diesel who again teases Flynn. But this time, Flynn just smiles. Then the emergency alarm sounds again. This time however, Flynn waits for all the information before rushing off to save Mavis.





  • Diesel and Flynn are said to be watching Thomas work at the Search and Rescue Centre, but Thomas is on fire at the Dieselworks. Also, if they were watching Thomas, Flynn would be able to see that he was the engine in trouble.
  • In the fourth photo, Gordon's tender overlaps his first express carriage.
  • In the final image, part of Thomas' whistle is missing.
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