“I bet most of the photos will be taken of me!”

Flash! Crash! Wallop! is a magazine story illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


One day, the Fat Controller tells his engines that a man is coming to take pictures of them for a book about Sodor. Gordon boasts that he will be in the most photographs, but Thomas hopes that he will be in the most.

Later on, whilst on the way to Farmer Trotter's Pig Farm, Thomas spots the photographer. He is about to take a photograph of Percy. Thomas speeds up to block Percy out of the photo. Percy is so surprised that he rolls into a pile of coal. Thomas does not notice and whizzes on his way. Thomas then passes through Maron where he sees Gordon with the express. Thomas is sure that Gordon would not have been in any photographs yet and he races away to find the photographer again.

Thomas soon spots the Photographer, who is about to take a picture of James. Thomas races ahead to get in James' photograph. James is so stunned that he veers into a siding and derails. Unfortunately Thomas does not notice his friend's accident, so he continues puffing on.

Thomas later sees Henry being photographed by a bridge. Thomas steams along to get into the photo and lets out a big whoosh of steam. The Photographer, who is standing on the bridge, is so startled that he drops his camera and it breaks. The Fat Controller is very cross and Thomas promises to rush to the Docks in order to pick up the spare camera.

On his way to pick up the spare camera, Thomas sees Percy and James still stuck after their accidents. Thomas promises to come back and help them once he has made his delivery. Keeping to his word, Thomas soon returns to his friends with Rocky.

By the end of the day, Thomas is exhausted. Gordon boasts that he had been in lots of photographs. Thomas knew he had not been in many photographs, but helping his friends was more important.

A few days later, the Fat Controller arrives holding the special book on Sodor. There, on the cover, is a picture of Thomas and Rocky helping Percy. Thomas concludes that a photo of him helping his best friend is the best photograph of all. All of the other engines peep happily in agreement.



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