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This article is about the trucks. You may be looking for the episode or the magazine story.

The Flatbeds of Fear are a train of "haunted flatbeds" that roll around the Island of Sodor on foggy days.


Thomas & Friends

The trucks were mentioned in a story by Salty. The story goes that the coupling of the train broke from an engine long ago and the flatbeds continue to roam around Sodor on days that are foggy. Thomas carried trucks of pipes from the docks and began hearing an eerie noise and began thinking it was the flatbeds but he saw nothing. He told Henry and Emily about the tale. Henry was frightful but Emily didn't believe it.

The following day, Henry had to take pipes but began to hear the eerie noise so Emily took the train. She heard the noise as well, believing Thomas was right all along. she later crashed with the pipes falling on to the tracks. Eventually all three engines discover everything was false as Thomas saw that the noise came from the pipes themselves and Salty confessed to making the story up and they all laughed while the flatbeds themselves rolled away from behind.

Technical Details


The train consists of three macaw flatbeds and a W&LLR brake van.


* RWS only | ** T&F only | --- Dropped