“I'm the food-chain train!”

Food Chain Train, later retitled Dairy Delivery is a magazine story. It was republished in 2016 as Food-Chain Train.


One day, Henry takes some schoolchildren on a field trip to a farm. There the children watch some cows being milked. Henry's next job is to take the milk to the dairy; the children go too. They learn that milk is heated to kill any germs before it is bottled. They also see cream, butter, yogurt, and cheese being made. Henry then has to deliver it all to a supermarket. Henry thinks that all the food must have made the schoolchildren hungry, but the driver informs him that the Fat Controller has arranged a special treat for their return to the main station. When they arrive, Henry and the children can see that the waiting room table is covered in food!




  • Henry is missing his headlamp in the first illustration.
  • Henry's lamp-irons change size throughout the story.
  • Henry's lamp-irons and coupling hooks are grey.


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