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“He's bumped us! Let's pay him out!”
―The Skarloey Railway Coaches

Four Little Engines is the fiftieth and last Buzz Book, based on the fourth series episode of the same name. It is illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Sir Handel gets into trouble with some coaches and Skarloey, the old engine, comes to the rescue.




  • In the first picture, Sir Handel and Rheneas have their faces swapped.
  • The Skarloey Railway is said to be run by the Thin Controller who only appeared in the Railway Series, while the Fat Controller ran the railway at this point in the television series.
  • In most of the pictures, Sir Handel and Skarloey's train has three coaches, but when Sir Handel is stopped by the sheep he has four coaches.
  • On the cover, Skarloey does not have eyebrows.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Japanese 4だいのチビちゃんきかんしゃ
Norwegian Fire små lokomotiver


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