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Fred Pelhay, named after the company who owns him, is a Private Owner truck who is used for transporting coal on the Little Western.


The Railway Series

When Oliver was pushed into the turntable well by the troublesome trucks and later returned from Crovan's Gate Works, Fred Pelhay was one of the trucks who teased him. They stopped their teasing towards Oliver, when he pulled S.C. Ruffey, their leader, apart. [1]

Technical Details


Fred Pelhay is based on an 8-plank open wagon with fixed ends. These wagons are often used by private owner companies to transport minerals such as coal and stone. Some of these wagons are preserved by heritage railways, such as the Bluebell Railway. [2]

Old Bennett and Rickety are also based on these wagons.


Fred Pelhay is painted bright orange with his name (Fred Pelhay) painted on his sides in white. There are some other words painted under his name, however, it is unknown what they read

On his Wooden Railway toy, the words "FRED PELHAY COAL CO." are painted on his sides in white.





The Railway Series

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