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“That's okay, me hearty! Reminds me of the sea!”
―Salty, covered in fish[src]

Fresh Fish is a magazine story, it was illustrated by using photographs from the television series.


The fishermen of Sodor have landed their biggest catch ever, so Thomas is ordered to help Arthur take the fish to the Docks. At the Fishing Village, much to Thomas' disgust, he sees trucks stacked full of fish. Arthur warns Thomas to only take five trucks at a time, but Thomas wants to get the job done quickly, so he takes all fifteen trucks at once. Along the way, the trucks decide to have some fun; they bounce about making fish fly into Thomas' face. And then they make Thomas go too fast down hill and collide with Salty, who is waiting at a signal, at the bottom. Salty did not mind the fish, but, Sir Topham Hatt is not happy and he makes Thomas finish the job safely. It takes Thomas all day, but eventually he finishes. Later, the Fat Controller praises him, but Thomas doesn't hear him - he has rushed to the wash down to get rid of the fishy smell.





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