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“I am a really useful engine, carrying so many passengers!"
"I'm just as useful! Nobody would get any important letters if it weren't for me!"
"I think you'll find a few pieces of paper are far less important than the people I carry!”
―Thomas and Percy arguing

Friendship Fall-out is a magazine illustrated using images from the CGI television series. It was republished in a slightly altered form in 2017.


It is a busy day at Knapford. Percy has to make some extra deliveries so Thomas takes some of them for him. As Thomas has to take some passengers to an event in the evening, Percy agrees to work late to help him. The Fat Controller is pleased to see two of his engines working hard to help each other. He tells the two engines that the event is a party for a Sodor writer. He has heard that the book he has written is about Thomas or Percy, but he is not sure which one.

After the Fat Controller has left, Thomas and Percy both bicker about which one of them will be featured in the book. They both argue that they have important duties. Both engines become very annoyed with each other and Thomas steams off, leaving Percy to do his extra delivers himself.

By evening, Percy is exhausted from steaming around the island delivering all the extra letters and parcels. Percy is looking forward to resting his wheels when Thomas puffs towards him. Thomas asks if Percy is going to help him with taking his passengers to the party. Percy states that Thomas did not help him, so he will not help Thomas. This leaves Thomas angry; he will have to work extremely hard to get all of the passengers to the party on time.

Later that evening, the Fat Controller comes to see Percy who is having his funnel polished at the sheds. The Fat Controller asks Percy to deliver an urgent parcel to the writer at the book party. Percy is very tired, but still agrees to help.

At the party, Percy sees lots of people having fun and Thomas who is looking worn out. Percy's driver gives the writer the parcel. The writer then starts his speech. He talks about seeing two engines laughing and working hard; he says it was great to see such great friends. Thomas and Percy look at each other in surprise and gasp. The writer then makes a toast to Thomas and Percy who just smile.




  • During Thomas and Percy's argument, Percy says "Well, I think you're both wrong" which makes no sense as Thomas and Percy are the only two having the conversation.