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This article is about the South African DVD. You may be looking for the US DVD box set, the German DVD, the 2012 book, the 2018 book or the Bubble Game.

Full Steam Ahead (Also known as Volume 4) is a South African VHS/DVD featuring one seventh series episode and two eighth series episodes narrated by Michael Angelis.


Thomas & Friends are back with 30 minutes of non-stop new stories. Meet the Steam Team in their new adventures on the beautiful Island of Sodor.


  1. Thomas and the Tuba
  2. Peace and Quiet (Redubbed Music)
  3. Percy's New Whistle

Learning Segments

  1. Which Whistle Suits Thomas?
  2. Sounds


  1. Sounds (Short version)
  2. Engine Roll Call


  • The episodes, songs and learning segments paired on the DVD is the same as when they were paired in the TV half hour format airing, "Sounds".

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