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Full Steam to the Rescue! is a UK DVD featuring six episodes from the nineteenth series and two bonus episodes from the twentieth series.


Duty calls at the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre! Rocky is called in to action to rescue poor derailed Henry. But when Rocky becomes derailed himself, who will come to his aid? The alarm is sounded at the Search and Rescue Centre and the fast and fearless team race to the rescue. But with each vehicle trying to rescue him alone, can they work as a team to get Rocky back on the tracks?! Full steam ahead with Thomas and his engine heroes!


  1. Rocky Rescue
  2. Wild Water Rescue
  3. The Other Side of the Mountain
  4. Goodbye Fat Controller
  5. No Help At All
  6. Thomas the Babysitter
  7. The Christmas Coffeepot (Separate from the main feature)
  8. Over the Hill (Separate from the main feature)

Bonus Features


  • On the back cover and bonus features menu, Skiff has been edited onto the picture from Rocky Rescue despite him not appearing.


  • On the back cover, the "The" is missing from The Other Side of the Mountain most likely due to spacing.



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