Fun Cubes (also known as Thomas' Fab Fun Cubes) are a toy that was manufactured by Inspiration Works for the UK market in 2008. The toy features 5 Cubes featuring 6 characters from up to Series 11 and The Great Discovery each. They also feature a base where the face up character will have its name read when the cube is pressed into it, with a "Quiz" mode that has you press a face up character that is identified by the toy.



  • While the engines use their model promos, The Fat Controller uses his 2D promo art.
  • George's cube face has a picture of Buster on it, despite the text on the cube as the toy both saying George.
  • After the toy both saying the names of the characters, some of them whistle, ring or honk their horn, but some characters don't whistle, honk or ring.
  • Several characters have the wrong whistles and horn sounds and some characters share the same ones such as:
    • Emily shares Henry's whistle sound.
    • Donald has Douglas' fourth series whistle sound.
    • Fergus shares Spencer's whistle sound.
    • Murdoch has Arthur's whistle sound.
    • Diesel has Derek's horn sound.
    • Lady has a bell rather than her own whistle.
    • Jack’s sound is either him moving or dumping his bucket.
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