Thomas the Tank Engine Wikia

Fun Pack is a US DVD boxset release.


  1. It's Great to be an Engine
  2. Thomas' Sodor Celebration!
  3. Calling All Engines!


It's Great to be an Engine

  1. Too Hot for Thomas 
  2. Emily's Adventure
  3. You Can Do it, Toby! 
  4. Gordon Takes Charge 
  5. Edward the Great
  6. James Goes Too Far
  7. Percy and the Magic Carpet 

Thomas' Sodor Celebration

  1. Thomas Saves the Day
  2. Don't Tell Thomas 
  3. Fish 
  4. Halloween
  5. Spic and Span
  6. Chickens to School
  7. Thomas and the Circus 


  1. A World Around You
  2. Surprises
  3. Busy
  4. Trying
  5. Together
  6. Engine Roll Call (Calling All Engines! version)
  7. Dream Song


  • On the back cover, the year of Thomas' Sodor Celebration! is incorrected as 2004 and the runtime is incorrected as 210 minutes and the runtime of Calling All Engines! is incorrected as 150 minutes.